Children around the World enslaved in America

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The plight of this small child should not be happening today, however it is happening in the cities and countryside of America. It is not always possible to detect a child that is being used as a slave. Recognize the fact that they usually do not attend school. You only see them in the house or during parties doing all the work. If you find this happening in your neighborhood then get noisy and try to help.

In Africa the start

Our country has so much to offer but we are so far from being the nation that we should be. Children around the World in America are dedicated to the children of the world who have no hope. A small girl was wondering around in the streets in a seashore village off the coast of Africa when a missionary’s wife picked her up. Betsy was only seven years old, black hair, and her eyes were black as coal. She had no shoes on her feet and a rag wrapped around her to keep from showing off her tiny body. She had been walking for miles with her brother across the plains being both starved and thirsty.

She did not know where her brother was "the man, the man,” she cried. That was all Elizabeth could get from the tiny frail little girl. She had lost her brother to someone who took him for slave labor. All was lost for her and she did not know where to go. Then she suddenly realized that the white women was smiling down on her and was friendly. Elizabeth took the small girl home where she fed her and bathed her. Then she started to go to school in the missionary camp where she was safe. She missed her brother, and cried a lot for her mother. She did not know who her father was because he disappeared before she was born.

The missionary family was good to her and she was optimistic of coming to America. She had learned how to read and to write and thought that her promise land would soon be coming to her. Finally, one day she was adopted and then she knew that she would be coming to a country where she could be free and have plenty to eat.

Dreams of a bright future

She had so many dreams of a bright future. She wanted her freedom more than anything did. She wanted to be able to walk down the streets without fear of being raped or taken into bondage to work as a housekeeper until she died. She did not want to be beaten and half starved. She dreamed of having a home with a family where everyone would be safe and secure with all the things that come natural to us all.

She arrived on Ellis Island just outside of New York two weeks before Easter. She was anxious to come into the city but she had to wait to be processed. She could wait after all she had her whole life ahead of her. After about three days, she was permitted to go inside of the city. "What a grand city" she would exclaim! The lights, the signs, the people, the food everywhere, just like in her dreams. Soon she would meet her new family and get to go to her new home.

Hopes of Freedom

She managed to find her way to the hotel and waited in the lobby until her adopted parents met up with her. She was able to spend the night in the hotel with her new family. These were strange people as they barely spoke to her and she had practiced her English so that she could talk to them fluently. Later that next day a car picked them all up and took them to the airport. Once again, she was in midair heading to where she did not know. What is this place called Mississippi? After she landed, she was quickly whisked away on the back of a pick-up truck alongside of other black children just like her. They were not too friendly at first but after they knew, her better conversation began. She told them of Africa they were curious asking her questions and friendships began to evolve.

A week had passed already and she found herself living in a one-room cabin with no lights or heat. She was given some old ragged clothes and told to get up at 4:00 am in the morning and start work in the cotton fields. She was told if she worked all day picking the cotton then she would be fed well that night. During the day, the heat would bother her but there was no water to drink and food to be eaten. This was worse she feared than her plight in Africa a nightmare to be sure and no way for her to escape.

Dreams Crushed

Betsy as she was called ached all over from bending in the fields all day picking the cotton. She found that her mouth was dry and parched from the hot sun. She was befriended from an older black woman who had lost her children through death by working the cotton fields without water and enough food. The older woman tried to help her and provide what she could for her during the day to keep her spirits up. The small child had spirit and everyone around her felt it. She was an inspiration to everyone and a true blessing to all who knew her.

Help from an Old Woman

She gave everyone in the field hope and many would stop and listen to her stories. She told of a small baby born in a manager, a boy barely old enough who could talk to the priests in the temple with such knowledge. She gets excited when she told how he could turn water into wine. She liked the telling of how he was able to take the few loaves of bread, fish multiple them, and feed a whole multitude of people. The things she had learned while in missionary school in Africa.

The people ask her to tell them about how the man named Jesus who died on Easter on the cross. She would always include her mamma Elizabeth who taught her how to sing and pray in the orphanage in Africa. She did not know that in America they had slaves. She was shocked to find out that this land of the free was just like her Africa in so many ways. She was still very much determined to become free. She believed that eventually she would be set free and become an American.

Three days before Easter she was invited to attend the church that the people had on the other side of the farm and was happy to be able to go once again. The farmer and his wife gave her permission warning her that she was not American so if she ran away she would face some real bad things. She woke up early that morning and was about to walk to church with the old women who lived next door to her but was stopped by the farmer who made her stay behind in the cabin.

The Attack that Destroyed her Body but Not her Soul

She was so innocent and so kind that everyone loved her. The old woman knew what the farmer was about and she quickly called some of the men from the church to come for she feared for the little child's safety. They walked in when he was on top of her and he knew that he had been caught but he just laughed because what could they do as they were slaves just like the child. When he finished he warned them to keep quiet or else they would suffer along with their family.

Poor Betsy had never known a man and this was a horrible way to find out. The old woman helped her up, cleaned her off, and told her not to cry but to pray. "the Lord be be with you child" you are truly one of hisson.” She ran out across the fields into the highway with tears in her eyes, onto the highway she ran, as fast as she can. The man driving the truck did not see her nor did she see him. It happened so quickly. She left this world with only a fleeting moment to say, "Oh Lord forgive them, for they know not what they have done."

Let Past History stay in the Past Help Make a Brighter Future for Children in America

This was an event that happened in the 1930's, told too me by my grandmother. This story stuck with me until this day and when I saw a documentary about children being adopted and enslaved today it sickened me to the core. Unfortunately, children from around the world are adopted and brought to America to become slaves as housekeepers or field hands all over America. After seeing a show based on children who are enslaved in America I remember her story and thought how could this be happening today. I hope that we remember children from around the world and especially those brought to America. That we take into our hearts those children that need our love and our care and protect them if ever we see them being used or abused as slaves.

The neighbors of these children turned the information over to the authorities and they were able to be freed and go into a safe home. Today the ring that was doing this with children is locked up and the children are adopted by loving caring parents who will help them to grow-up as free and independent Americans. We pray that if this type of thing happens in your neighborhood that you too will be brave and help the children involved to become free from this type of tyranny.


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author avatar writershirley lopez
9th Jun 2013 (#)

Children are most precious beings so it is important that we care for them all and love them as our own.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
9th Jun 2013 (#)

If people suspect that kids are not being treated right they need to say something

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author avatar writershirley lopez
9th Jun 2013 (#)

I agree even if they are not adopted children all children need to be treated with love.

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author avatar Oscar Crawford Media
9th Jun 2013 (#)

There are consequences to come for how we have managed children, WE.

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author avatar jotomy
9th Jun 2013 (#)

very nice

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author avatar writershirley lopez
5th Apr 2015 (#)

Children are a blessing no matter where they come from or who they are and it is our duty respectfully to help provide safety and love if at all possible.

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