Childhood traumas and stupid adults

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Frightening to children with whatever it is, it's the biggest mistake an adult can do. Some childhood traumas may be overcome with time, but others may last for life.

Childhood traumas and stupid adults

Some adults have the habit and I'd say that an awful one to frighten children.
They frighten them with the dark, telling them that a ghost or a horrible monster is going to come for them if they don't eat their food or don't want to go to bed. Some of them will make noises in the dark or will walk behind them when they least expect them.
But still worse, there are folks that do it for the sake of it and with no reason at all.
This is what happened to one of my friends and to myself.
It seems that she was quite a naughty girl when she was a child and on a given day, her mother threw at her a dead hen. Since that day, she's always been scared of them to the extend of not wanting to eat chicken or hen meat.
My case is a similar one.
I was sitting quietly at the diner table, drawing, because I've always been fond of drawing since my childhood. I was really engrossed on my pad that I didn't realize that big and dark head that was showing over my shoulder, but when I spotted it, I jumped out with a start. I ran and I sheltered on my mother's lap, crying and shaking.
It was Christmas and they had just slaughtered a big turkey and someone had the idea to frighten me with the bird. I was five years of age.
Like my friend, I never ate feathered animals since that awful day. They could enjoy their pieces of roasted turkey or chicken, but I always had something different.
It took me years to overcome my childhood trauma to start eating some roasted chicken in a restaurant, even though, I won't be one to buy a whole chicken, goose or turkey to cook it. Their legs necks and heads are what frighten me most. I'll never shop in a poultry shop where they have chickens or turkeys hanging on a hook or I won't visit farmhouses where they have them loose. When I sit in a square to sunbath, I try to be as far from pigeons and sparrows as possible. Only the sight of them makes me shudder and I still have nightmares at night with these feathered animals.
People tell me that being a grown up woman, I should have overcome this childhood trauma, but I feel I can't. The minute I see one of those animals, dead or alive, nearby, I start sweating and shaking with panic.
I think I could work as a cook in a bar or restaurant, because I love cooking and I'm quite good at this, but I can't bear the idea of having to take one of these animals with my hands to cook it and in restaurants they have many of them.
That was a very stupid joke from a relative that caused me a trauma for life.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Stupid adults indeed, very stupid, the generation my parents lived in as well teachers, get the bones leave me the flesh!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Dec 2015 (#)

It happens everywhere but now people are wiser to understand the psychological impact on children - siva

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author avatar vickylass
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Very true, but I'd say that nowadays, children a bit spoilt. Dare not touch them and one will soon be in trouble.

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