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This article is all about learning your interests, your passion and the things you love doing and hopefully keep on doing as we age.

Early Interests

Every kid has his or her dreams already at a young age. Some wants to be a Doctor, an Engineer, a Musician, a teacher. Well there are also some young aspiring kids who wants to be an Astronaut, Experimental Physicists and you've never been a kid if you have never thought of being a Secret Agent, a Spy or maybe a Silent assassin - a Ninja.

The idea is that we all have our interests, yes maybe it was only just the fact that we watched several movies of Tom Cruise, seen Armageddon and looked up our dad's collection of Bruce Lee's movies, but this tiny seeds will somehow creep as we age and on some occasions affect our decision making by the time comes.

I believe that one of the most striking influences our childhood can bring to our adult years are the times we spent with our family. Is your dad a handy man who is making crazy contraptions on your garage. Is your mom a cook that has dishes comparable to those of exclusive restaurants. Are your older brothers and sisters a big fan of Sports.

All of these will contribute as we age, well that's obvious because we are somehow exposed to them as we grow up. But the most important thing is to find your own. That does not mean you cannot be like your father, your mother or your siblings, i mean you just have to find where your heart truly lies. They can be options but do not forget that it cannot be called options if there are no choices.

Other Influences

There is a passage I read about saying something like, "If you let your kid daydream for a few hours every day, it will help them improve their creativity". I absolutely agree with that, but parents be careful don't let them daydream too much. They might lead to something like, "I can fly!", "I can breathe under water!" or simply become a nerd or a geek - which is not a bad thing but I prefer to be a genius with social skills.

Here are some things that might help you find your Interests:

1. Television - I personally love watching TV especially channels like Discovery, History and Animal Planet. They are very educational and who knows some of the things you might learn there are answers to your exams (happened to me several times already).

2. Internet - Google is the best. Try a habit of when you heard something you don't understand, or read something that catches your interest after you got home go to google.

3. Extra Curricular Activities - Joining the band club or the Sports club will definitely have an effect on what we want to do. Sometimes even realizing things we are good at that we never knew before

4. Simply Hanging out with People - Having conversations with people, exchanging ideas back and forth is healthy. They say that there are three types of conversations: Level 1 talks about people, Level 2 talks about Events and Level 3 talks about Ideas.

5. Reading - In the age where books are the authors of most movies, reading is an essential tool for discovering a wide range of things. There are books that tackle about cooking, engineering, music, fiction and many more. This can certainly help on having choices to what we want to be.

6. Soul Searching - It's the easiest and the most rewarding, learning what we really want. Peer pressure could be a b**** sometimes but if you really want to be a Rock Guitarist but all of your friends are RnB dancers, let them be. It's not like you will be playing for them.

If you think you find something you are really passionate about, stick with it

Honestly, I personally have a hard time sticking on something. I always try something new. Always exploring new things. Learning the basics of everything. That's fine there's absolutely nothing wrong with that but it will be better if you hold on to something as a priority something like your most priced possession.

You can be a great athlete, but there's just no way you can be an NBA champion and the world's number one in the Tennis Rankings simultaneously. Like for example, Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player who ever lived but the years he played Pro baseball was not that of a Bulls 23 caliber.

How many stories have we heard about a college drop out and being successful, that's because they stick on something they want and be great on it. My most favorite band, Dream Theater, I watched their DVD saying that they held jobs like noodle delivery just so they can afford to continue their quest for music, and now they are the greatest at Progressive Metal, don't think no other bands can challenge them.

Don't give up that easily

We wont be getting what we aimed for so easily. Me as an Engineer I wanted to be the one doing the Programming for Plant Automation but for now I can be the one Installing Flow Meters and Data Loggers. The key is not give up so easily just make sure that the time you are spending are on the the right track that will lead to your ultimate goal.


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