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This is for anyone who has ever felt a little low. There are things we can do to cheer ourselves up, just find which one works for you and put it into practice.

Ways to cheer up

=>Play Your Favourite Music
It is a well known fact that simply by playing some of your favourite music, you can boost your mood dramatically. Upbeat tunes are much more effective than slow tunes though, unless they remind you of something bad happening for whatever reason, so think fast rather than slow.
=>Do Some Exercise
Although you might not think it, exercise actually can make you happy! As your body works harder, the blood will pump faster around your body, meaning that ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins can be realised much more quickly. It doesn’t have to be heavy exercise either; just a short jog or a bit of a dance can leave you smiling.
=>Watch a Happy Film
What better way to make yourself happy than watch others who are happy? If you have a favourite film, make yourself some microwave popcorn, turn out the lights, light a few candles and press play!
=>Ring a Friend for a Chat
Sometimes, it might seem as though friends know you better than you know yourself. With this being the case, your friend is the ideal person to call when you’re feeling down. They might be able to shed light on the situation that you couldn’t even think of. Certainly worth a try, so pick up the phone and see.
=>Go for a Hot Drink and a Catch-Up
If you don’t have anything better to do, and no urgent engagements, then text a friend or family member and arrange to meet up for a drink. A bit of light banter over a coffee is sure to cheer you up, and it will remind you of the good things in life. Also, your friend might be able to help you if you’re facing any particular problems. It’s surely worthwhile trying.
=>Have a Hot Bath
If you’re feeling a little tense, run a hot bath and lie there for a while. Don’t let your thoughts rule the relaxing experience; just let your thoughts wash away in the water and perhaps have some relaxing music playing in the background.
=>Look Through Some Photos of Happy Times
If you’re finding it hard to remember the last time you were truly happy with your life, have a look at some photos to help you remember. Look at some where you were being silly with your friends or having some quality family time, and they will soon bring the smile back to your face.
=>Go on, Treat Yourself
This is the time to let yourself go and buy yourself something you’ve wanted for ages. Whether it’s a piece of clothing, a new CD or even a car, an impulse buy once in a while, as long as you don’t let your spending get out of control, can really cheer you up. Don’t forget though, don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose, otherwise this might make you feel even worse when the bill comes in!
=>Paint Your Nails, Do Your Hair
One mainly for the ladies! Making yourself look good will generally make you feel good too. It might be worth investing in a new nail varnish and some new shampoo as well, as change in products can also bring a great change in mood!
I hope these tips have helped you, and will continue to help you in your hour of need! We all get a little low sometimes, and generally it’s nothing to worry about, but if you feel nothing can cheer you up, or you’re getting suicidal thoughts, please think about talking to someone or seeing a doctor.
These tips are mainly for people who are just feeling a little blue, not for those who need urgent help.


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