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With practice these special tips to develop your personal relationship is certain that everything will change for the better. Enjoy every tip and make a difference.

Learn how to get along well with your family and friends

The leader needs to relate, in society, at work, in family and loving relationship! Even if your work pace is intense, it is very important to talk to people in your everyday life.

Let's look at some suggestions on how to develop relationships worthy of a leader:

Talk - The couple to talk about decoration, but almost nothing about the home they want to build. The children often complain that parents do not understand what they say, but not if you have to dialogue. In companies, we discuss projects, but are not open spaces for longings are shared. Talk is to have curiosity about the world on the other, it is look at that person's eyes again.

Confront - Unpleasant events or uninteresting part of our life. However, it is important to tell people, direct, firm and clear way, when an attitude bothers. It is crucial to resolve an issue before starting another. In general, faced person puts on the table another issue that bothers her. But insist and commit to talk about his dissatisfaction after. Remember that it is up to the person confronted the decision to change.

Apologize - Just as it is impossible to live without someone step on our toes, it is hard to come by people without committing any errors or without bothering them. However, when we deny a mistake, we agravamos the situation. To acknowledge one's mistake and apologize demonstrations are humility and appreciation of the other. It says "You are important to me" sensitively.

Praise - Everyone needs to know that provokes admiration. The image that people make for themselves is reflected in the way they risk in life. When people feel valued and able, changes become easier. Unfortunately, most people believe that to help someone grow, we must criticize the mistakes of others. Reveal admiration for the people only enriches relationships.

Thank - This is the best way to increase fellowship with people who are important to you. But also thank to its competitor, which does not let you settle. Thank to that difficult buyer, which forces you to grow to conquer it. Thank the problems that make it a warrior ready for the toughest championships.


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author avatar vandana7
25th May 2015 (#)

Problem is people become defensive when confronted, and make irrelevant comments. And I hate praises because I feel suspicious about what is on other person's mind. I don't praise too much either. Praises are for kids, not for grown ups, certainly not from people they know. Complimenting for looks or cooking or keeping house tidy, or money and time management is different. It is casual. Praise I feel has something artificial about it.

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11th Jun 2015 (#)

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