Cheating Cannot Be Stopped But We Can Help To Reduce It

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In our children cheating is also distinct. In school students cheat to get high grades during examinations. Cheating here cannot be stopped but we can help to reduce it and it should start at home so that when they grow up they would become responsible, honest and God-fearing citizen.

Pushing Causes Depression Among Our Children And Teenagers

Pushing to our children to excel in all academic performances causes depression among our children and teenagers. Depression would diminish our children’ ability to think actively and weakens their appetite for food; they would become not active in school and their studies; they would cheat during examinations to get high grades because if they failed their parents would punish them.

Bad Company Corrupts Good Character Of A Child

Pushing also drive children to mingle bad company of friends, who are also experiencing the same problems. Parents should know that “bad company corrupts good character of a child” and the worse thing is that, this company of friends would encourage these children to engage them to use marijuana and other prohibited drugs. With these drugs they could find peace and temporary relief and forget their studies. Eventually these children would become drug addicts and would commit crimes in the future against society such as to cheat.

The Trick Is To Learn To Manage It

However, children should understand that parents want only the best for them and that is why they push them to excel in academic performance. Pushing should not distract them. In case they feel depressed, they should treat that feeling positively. They should realize that depression is normal feeling. The trick is to learn to manage it.

Teachers in school should treat their students like their own children. They should be patient to teach their students’ lessons with dedications and commitments. They should tell their students about the bad effects of cheating in their lives.

Teenage Is A Delicate Time In A Child’s Life

But what is of more importance is communication between parents and children. Parents should always communicate with their children as often as possible. Often communication can relieve their children’s emotional distress. Parents should find time to discuss with them all matters and to hear their side. Parents should understand that teenage is a delicate time in a child’s life. Children need guidance, understanding, compassion and love.


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author avatar Denise O
3rd Sep 2010 (#)

ppruel, All things you have written in this article, rings of nothing but, the truth.
It was like I always told my kids, "You can have a voice but, the answer will not always be what you have hoped for.", they thought it was fair...some times I said no and other times they won their case. and I had to say yes. Great advice. Thank you.

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author avatar ppruel
3rd Sep 2010 (#)

nice comment Dennise. thanks. there are many ways to give and enjoy our times to our children. in my part even though i am thousand miles away from them, when they need my help for their school projects and assignment, i have to wake up in the middle of the night to search the subject from the internet that is aside from their monthly financial support. it's really hard to be a father and a parent.

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author avatar smoothoperator
4th Sep 2010 (#)

Children are bound to grow like the people they know. Behave well and then tell. They will turn out much better citizens than you and I.

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author avatar dak
19th Sep 2010 (#)

Interesting, informative and educative. Thanks.

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author avatar ppruel
20th Sep 2010 (#)

hi dak, thank you for dropping and your inspiring comment. i really appreciated it.

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