Cheap And Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Kitchen

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Well-designed kitchens look beautiful; they add value to your home and can enhance your family life when they become the hub of the home. But kitchens are so well used that they can become a little tired after a while. You don't want to have to redecorate your kitchen regularly, and why would you - it's expensive and there's no need to.
So here are some simple tips for cheap and easy ways to freshen up your kitchen.

Make The Everyday Items Count

Items like your kettle, plates, saucepans, glasses - give them some vavavoom! Get a super cute vintage style kettle, invest in uniquely designed handmade plates, get some sleek stainless steel pans - don't settle for simple. Making the everyday items count is a very cheap and fun way to smarten up your kitchen.

Get Fruity

Fruit is naturally colourful, so a well stocked fruit bowl is a cheap, easy and healthy way to brighten up your kitchen. Why not make an exotic fruit bowl with burnt orange and red ripe mangoes, bright pink dragon fruit and a super beautiful pineapple?


You'll find this rule in any list of 'freshen and brighten up' tips for anywhere in your home - because it makes a huge difference. Get rid of the keys, tools, pets - whatever is on the sides that shouldn't be and see how amazing your kitchen looks immediately. It's tough to declutter but we all know we should do it so don't put it off any longer.

Funky Wall Tiles

Tiling always appears in kitchens, because it's hygienic, relatively cheap, hard-wearing and blends the overall look of the kitchen together. But instead of the smooth lines of porcelain walls tiles why not funk your tiles up a bit and invest in some reclaimed hexagonal floor tiles or some unusual artistic glass mosaics or digitally printed ceramic wall tiles? Tiles don't have to be square or rectangular; they can be hexagons, circles, pebbles and even random shapes so there is a whole new world of design possibilities for our homes.

Some manufacturers will even print your own designs onto ceramic tiles so, if you are artistic, you could create your very own tiles. Just one or two mosaics or mixed pattern sections could truly transform your kitchen. But if you are not creative yourself there are plenty of tiles available to buy that can be used to create a unique look.

Tea Towels Matter

One of the top tips for freshening up your kitchen to sell your home is investing in fresh tea towels. It might seem really menial, but grubby tea towels can really bring an otherwise lovely kitchen down. Treat yourself to some brand spanking new tea towels and see your kitchen transform! OK, so perhaps it won't be quite so dramatic, but still, it does contribute to a fresher and cleaner look.

Ditch The Broken & Dirty

Sticky grease pan making your entire kitchen look dirty? Chipped cups and plates providing you with a shabby but not chic kitchen design? Get rid. Cull any items that aren't up to scratch, just think - why are you hanging on to them anyway?

Get Green

Succulents, ferns, herbs - a little bit of greenery goes a long way when it comes to freshening up any space. As kitchens tend to be designed in natural tones, plants really work well with the chunky wooden cabinets, clean white wall tiles and natural slate floor tiles.

Remember, freshening and brightening up your kitchen is much easier than you think - just keep an open mind and be creative!


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