Chasing Dreams to Success in Life

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We all dream everyday, but most of us will not give importance of these dreams as these will be forgotten the next day.There are also people who do follow good dreams and try to achieve that in their life by working hard towards the goal which showed in their dreams

Dreaming is a everyday Practice

We all dream a lot and even enjoy dreaming of nice things isn't it? but what about scary dreams that we get and how to get through those? when we dream we will be in semi unconscious mind as we will not be knowing what is happening around, but our mind is active and feel as if we are in a different world with different set of people around. Dreaming is good and one should dream a lot after hard day's work and if he/she is ambitious in life they also should follow their good dreams of success. Success can be chased well if we put our whole effort into it and by working hard at achieving that goal. Though it is easy to say things here, it is still harder to implement it in real life for sure.

Dreaming in Younger Days

i remember dreaming of bad things and waking up in the middle of the night crying when i was young and parents used to console me and put me back to sleep. Those were my younger days when i was not knowing much things around and i used to get scared of each of unknown things and these dreaming about bad things was one among them. But in the same way, i was also enjoying good dreams and was never interested in getting up also ! younger day's are good for everyone as those are the day's . when we don't worry about much thing around as parents take care of our things and it is not our burden at those times.

Importance of Chasing Dreams

Great successful people never consider anything as useless as they even struggle hard to make their beautiful dreams to reality. When you can dream, you can also achieve it should be your motto in life and nothing is impossible here if you put in your right determination and dedication to the things you always want to achieve or things which have come in your dreams. If you believe you can chase your dreams, in fact you really can chase your dreams and never laugh it off as take the examples of all those great man who have succeeded in life by achieving great things by chasing their own dreams. So, first thing is you should believe in yourselves and enjoy the path you take in reaching your dream goal and the passion will definitely make you reach your target one day


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