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Character is the basis for peace or chaos in any society.... In education, emphasis on "good character" is observed the third week of October.

Character Counts!

The third week of October is proclaimed as Character Counts! Week by the United States President, Senate and officials around the world.

With the removal of prayer and moral education from the public classrooms, society has seen the decline in the "character" of students and young adults. Governments around the world are reluctant to admit that social decline began when God was banned from schools, but, when you compare timelines, you will find that the two events coincide.

The result of this coincidence has been the creation of character programs. These programs are designed to instill "moral values" in young people without the controversy of religion.

The Observation

Character Counts! Week is observed the third week in October each year. Schools throughout the United States which mark the observance develop activities and projects that involve students and demonstrate "good" character versus "bad" character.

As with most nationally established weeks of observance, curriculum has been developed to enhance the classroom experience. The responsibility for implementing the school observances, activities and programs outside of the classroom falls to the school counselors.

The content of character development includes acceptable social values, and the creation of safe physical and emotional environments.

Who Needs It The Most?

The most volatile years are the developmental years between the ages of 13 and 18. During this age range, the ability to make decisions founded in wisdom is just beginning to form.

Perhaps this is the reason the teen years are so confusion for so many teenagers. Every parent can agree that during this time, they go through these years with their hearts lifted to God in prayer and with their fingers crossed.

Is This For You?

Parents can support national Character Counts! Week by getting involved in their local school district. If you are in interested in supporting this week there is professional development available for graduate credit to all who may be interested in learning how to implement character development programs. Trainers learn to nurture academic achievement, intellectual development and ethical, social and emotional growth.

But, Can We Do This Without God?

The problem with trying to regulate morality without religion is that the standards for morality, that is, what is right and what is wrong changes as often as a new political regime enters the scene.

Religious moral standards are fundamental and final. They function as an anchor because they do not change. This fact is invaluable because the standards remain intact regardless of who comes into office.

So, the answer is, "No!" we cannot do this without God. We can reinforce the current moral code, (whatever that might be...) but that reinforcement will only last until the next change breaks forth onto the scene. We need an established code of ethics that transcends the social whims of men.


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