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How to deal with people that are having a difficult time changing their past behaviors, even if they are destructive.

Can they change or are they even willing.

It has been proven over the years that people who constantly repeat an action, especially one that is not beneficial to them, has an underlying issue to be dealt with. This is most commonly a psychological issue and may stem from child hood.

People that have been incarcerated time and time again are said to be institutionalized. Institutionalization is something that happens to a person that has been incarcerated for long periods of time, years in fact. This phenomenon does not occur in a few months time, it takes years for a person to begin to believe that the confining walls are a safe place for them; they often believe that they no longer know how to exist in the outside world.

The behavior that gets the ongoing incarcerations started is where the problem lies. When a person has broken the law again and again, knowing the outcome and still repeating the action there is a self esteem issue. Odds of a person changing this type of behavior for someone else is slim to none, and if they do it will more than likely lead to a problem of resentment between the these people.

There should always be hope that someone is willing to change bad behavior but they must want to do it for themselves, they must want to have and to offer a better life. If find what is causing this behavior is a concern I would certainly let the professionals handle such a case. Low self esteem can come from any number or areas in a person’s life, usually stemming back to childhood issues.

The idea of a person changing their behavior for love is a grandiose one to say the least. They may say they did it for love, and in some cases may really value the person more than their choice of lifestyle, but it is a very rare occurrence.

The only time one person can make this type of change is if the acting person is making the decision. If someone makes the decision for them, they will never truly let go of the idea. If a person stops smoking for their spouse, they will always wonder if they simply gave up something they enjoyed and wanted for someone else’s happiness. This example is a bit off base but you get the general idea.

A person must first care enough about themselves to make positive changes in their lives. If they do not it is a false change and again will breed resentment, these types of changes are usually short lived and they return to the past behavior in a short period of time.


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