Changing Your Child's Behavior With Better Communication

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Often, parents are overcome by changing child behaviour - to the point of being stressed and ready to bring the house crashing down is one way of describing it. The primary causes of the stress are misbehaviour and selfish behaviour or the parents may feel that they are unable to get even a moments rest because their kids are constantly clinging to their side (even when they go to the toilet). Only a problem with really small kids 1 to 3 years of age.

Communication Is The Key To Managing Child Behavior

It is possible to eliminate many undesirable behaviours through the use of better communication. (once again not really an option for small kids - because they probably would not understand!)
A 3 year old should be able to understand basic concepts, though. So you should be able to explain simply to a 3 year old that you don't want them to do something, followed by a simple introduction of an alternative behavior that is more favorable, and then decide upon a suitable reward for the child. An example of the above process looks like this - "If you get into your pajamas and brush your teeth before this TV show is over, you can stay up a half hour later." and if your child successfully does what you have asked, grant them the reward.

Avoiding power struggles with your child is a proven formula for the encouragment of behaviour change. So by being clear, ie: requesting an action and providing a desired reward all in one statement, you should be able to eliminate any arguments. However, should your child fail to complete the required action in the specified time, they will not be punished, they simply just do not get their reward.

Better communication can potentially eliminate much of the stress of parenting. Changing child behaviour can be better managed by simply just choosing to offer rewards rather than punishments and by doing so the child will learn to cooperate. A skill that is much needed in the adult world, too.

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