Changes in the Age of Dating

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It is funny how times change and what was once thought to be taboo in the dating world is now more the norm than ever before. Younger men are dating older women more all the time and it has caused quite the stir.

The Rising Popularity of Younger Men Dating an Older Woman

It used to be much more common to see a younger woman with an older man, but times are definitely changing. Whether the popularity of dating an older woman has increased because of the examples set by some celebrities is unknown, although quite possible.

What are some reasons a young man may choose to share his intimate time with an older woman? Many years ago healthy choice living became popular and woman are better looking for a much longer period of time, without showing the obvious signs of aging. No longer is the 30 year old looked at as an older woman.

Stop and think of the benefits of life with an older woman. With years of experience under her belt, the older woman is more mature than the average 20 year old and usually has already decided, and put in place her career decisions. This would say that yes there are security issues with choosing an older woman.

Sure being a young stud keeping a more experienced woman satisfied has got to be an ego boost but this relationship has far more benefits that many people simply over look.

Many times with the younger generation marriage and a family become a barrier in the relationship. There is increased pressure from the female normally, to tie the knot and begin a family. The truth is, men have some commitment issues and the pressure doesn’t help much.

There is also the issue of dealing with jealous woman, no matter what her age, this problem exists. While the younger women have yet to realize how wonderful life is without the extra stress and drama, they will sometimes create a situation of unnecessary jealousy without realizing it. This is very common, especially if they have grown up in an unsettled home or had bad relationships in the past.

With an older woman the stress of commitment and starting a family is just not there. Here you have a woman that is self sufficient and beyond the insecurities of the younger generation. A relationship with an older woman can be anything you want without all the expectations.

There has been a lot of speculation about the younger man just needing a mother figure or simply avoiding the responsibilities of growing up. I don’t doubt for a minute that this very thing is happening in many cases; but that does not mean that a younger man and an older woman cannot have a healthy loving relationship.

This age gapped relationship is usually about comfort. Being comfortable in all aspects of your life and yes avoiding some of the pitfalls of the stereotypical relationship. One can even venture to say this type of relationship is purely selfish on both his and her part, at some point we will all have time and the desire to be just a little selfish.


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