Changes in Interest

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This article is about the changes in our interest and hobbies, we are changing it based on the trend

Changes in Interest

Every thing will be change based on the time. We too change our interests and opinions based on the trend and situation. We can find a lot of changes in our self based on the time. Few years back we have some interests and hobbies and we may addicted with a particular interest or hobby, but now we completely forget about it, even we don't have time to do that hobby. In the same way, we have some hatred before, but now we may interested with that thing. This kind of changes are quite common to every one based on the time and maturity.

In our childhood, we have lot of dreams and desires, at that time we don't know about the life fully and think most of the things are possible in our life. After getting maturity and responsibilities we come to know about lot of things in our life and become practical. We will avoid unwanted dreams and desires due to our maturity and think about the practical things.

Nothing in this world is apart from change, everything will be changed due to the time and we are not exception for this. We too change our thoughts and opinions based on the time and maturity. In fact our experience will teach a lot of things to us.


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21st May 2012 (#)

so very true what you very well said..thank you..

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