Carrying On A Friendship...After Your Breakup

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Breakup to "Just Friends" - A few tips on how to carry on your friendship with someone when the romantic just isn't working

Connecting To This New Side

Now, I am going to preface this article by saying, not all breakups end well. Some can hurt like nothing you've ever felt before and some can leave you with an unsurpassable rage. Believe it or not, but even these types of breakups can ultimately be brought to a "just friends" category, though it may take a little extra time than most.

If you were one of those that started a friendship that culminated into a romantic relationship, perhaps you are worried about what that will do if you end up breaking up? A good step to take is have an honest conversation with the person you are with. It is best not to sound like you EXPECT the relationship not to work, but you can bring it up in a way that shows how much you care about them and you want to make sure that no matter where you end up, you're still in each others lives.

Perhaps you hit it off with someone online and immediately began dating, only to realize not long after that maybe you weren't such a perfect romantic match. This doesn't mean you can't connect as friends. Once again, I encourage conversation. Most people find themselves separating from people they actually care about because they feel awkward. You would be amazed how many people are open to the idea of remaining friends, especially if the breakup was pretty amicable. If there are some fresh wounds on someone's side, then taking a step away would help for a bit, but remember that time heals all wounds (for the most part). Try not to be shut off to the idea of waiting a few months and bringing the idea of friendship back.

Now, if you are in the truly horrible position of a heartbreak, this can get a little more tricky. This will most likely take quite a bit of healing time in order to revert only to friendship, and it is very important that this not be rushed. I'm talking stepping away from the Facebook stalking and the information prying of fellow friends about how they are doing. Getting yourself to a truly whole place is so vitally important for a chance back at friendship, otherwise you may find yourself feigning friendship but really still being in love. This can certainly hurt more, which is not the purpose of a friendship reunion with this person.

No matter where you find yourself on this spectrum, the most important thing you can do is create a conversation. Communication is not only an incredible tool, but can help keep you from making assumptions. Assuming you know something because you haven't gotten the proper communication is almost always detrimental as we tend to assume the worst.


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