Careful on Secrets Shared Between Friends

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Finding a true friend is a life time effort and in fact if one finds a single true friend for himself/herself, he/she has to be lucky for sure.These days people are selfish and finding true friends are not easy.Any secret shared between casual friends may not be kept as a secret unless that person is a true friend

Trusting Friends

To begin with, Careful on Secrets Shared Between Friends. Do you have a habit of making more friends? if yes, you have to be careful in sharing your secrets with each and every friend of yours as there are many so called friends who misuse your friendship and reveal the secret to some bad effects. Be sure that you make some good true friends who remain true for you in every mode of your life. Take more time in selecting such good friends, who will never lie with you or never play bad games with you to spoil your name or do some bad things to you. These kind of people are very few in this world and if you are able to find such people in your life, then i should tell that you are really lucky to have them in your life. You can also trust these friends quite easily and also share your life time secrets comfortably without any doubt.

Wrong Decisions During Younger Age

Young age does make us vulnerable in committing so many mistakes that we only realize it later on in life. Making many bad friends is one among those mistakes. Even i have a habit of making friends when i was young and still have this habit of making more friends as friends are needed for everyone isn't it? but when it comes to true friends, then i feel you have to be very very careful in finding one as these are the one's who will be there with you even in the darkest hours of your life as most of your so called other life time friends might have also disappeared during these bad times of yours. So, be careful in making your choice and selecting your rue friend. I should be very lucky in having one such true friend in my life, though i too have a big list of friends in me !

Need of True Friend

Once you have a true friend for your life, you can be comfortable with that person and also share all your secrets with that person as he/she will understand your problems or can also give you future direction within his/her limits which you also should understand. Never hurt them anytime and have more trust in them instead of having trust in other fake friends who will be of no use at all or who will be for only bad things in your life. Trust plays an very important role here and never break that as trust once broken cannot be mended at all. So, be careful in maintaining your true friendship through out your life. You should also be a true friend for them showing your love towards them in every mode of their life. Remember one thing in life, -secrets have to be shared only with those people who are true to you


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