Can we survive without television?

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What did people do in the past to get information and entertainment before television was invented?

Can we survive without television?

People look at me pityingly. "Oh, don´t you have a TV set?" "Get one! They´re very cheap nowadays!"
I know this. If I wanted I could even buy one of these big, plasma screens to watch everything on a bigger frame. Wouldn´t it be grand to watch memorable Far West films as though they were acting out in my living room? I guess It would. However, I can download any film of my liking at any time and my computer screen is big enough to enjoy them. For the rest of TV stuff, I don´t think it´s worth the expense.
Nowhere we´ll find out about what´s really going on today. Policy makers are the ones to decide what we´re to know and what we aren´t to know. We´re better off searching for the information we need to know and for the time being the Internet is an excellent means till who knows when. Touch wood!
I´ve watched TV news in several European countries and I´ve noticed that all of them broadcast news in the same biased way. One will watch a very smart presenter sitting at a very stylish news desk. Television administrators will use the most advanced technology to present what they call the news. They read the news fast. If something serious has happened, they might interview some people on the spot, but they´ll cut them off when these people are telling something that could be of interest for any of us. If one of these news programme lasts for 30 minutes, 15 or so will be on national and international issues and the rest will be for sports and gossip, which in fact, makes us think that sports and gossip take a lot more of their share than national or international issues. thus, one isn´t going to be better informed by watching TV news.
A television set is regarded as a cheap childminder at any given time and it isn´t unusual scene of children sitting in front of a TV set when they are back from school and even before they go to school.
In many children´s programs there´s a lot of unnecessary violence even if one of the characters is hitting on another, smashing windows or setting houses on fire. It may be funny, but it´s unnecessary violence that children watch everyday telling them that violence is the answer to succeed in whatever we want to get. Not without letting aside other films that show big car crashes, violent fights, blood or explosions.
Some people will say that it´s good entertainment, but I always wonder how people entertained before the Box arrived at eveyone´s house. Surely, they did something when they weren´t working or sleeping.
I bet they interacted a lot more, having conversations with friends or relatives on a choice of topics. They read a lot more. They cooked and they set their tables for every meal and they talked to each other. They went to dances or to open air leisure activities. They... I guess they did a lot more things to entertain besides having to work very long hours.
Think what all of us could do at time when our work week is less longer than it was.

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author avatar Ptrikha
15th Jun 2015 (#)

Some people are too much addicted to TV and find it very difficult without it and we guys can't do without Internet.

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author avatar vickylass
15th Jun 2015 (#)

As I say the Internet is an excellent means to get the information we want as well as entertainment, but we should be clever enough to switch it off once in a while. I hope it lasts the way that was invented.

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author avatar Carol Roach
17th Jun 2015 (#)

you bring up very good points. I still have a tv and it is always on for background noise, I do love watching old movies though

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author avatar Retired
19th Jun 2015 (#)

I am not a fan of television although I watch a little of it. I think I can live without it.

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