Can a girl really be in love with a girl?

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Is there real love between homosexuals, or is it just games?

Can a girl really be in love with a girl?

A friend of mine is sitting with me watching a TV series, and suddenly two girls are confessing their feelings to each other and kissing. She is left mouth wide open and wondering if a girl can really love a girl, or a man can love a man for real. I am not sure about man to man, but I can only guess that it’s possible too because I, being a girl, have loved girls too.

I have fallen in love with girls quite a number of times, so I know it can happen. But to even know that I was in love, I had to compare the “normal” love with the “abnormal” love that I was feeling for the girls, my first girl love especially, because even then it came as a shock to me too. I chose the three things that "normal" people need out of a relationship and started to analyze them.

Everyone need to:
1. Have someone to belong to
2. Be there for each other all the time
3. Spend the rest of their life together

Surely I can get the same three things from anyone, irrespective of gender. I’ve purposely did not put having children as one of the key things, since often married couples opt out of having their own children and have pets instead, or adopt children; there’s choices there.

The question is what can you do with that kind of "abnormal" love? (I call it abnormal because that’s what the society still feel about it). Must one act upon it or just hold it back? Is there really a future for such kind of relationships or is it just a short term game? Can we live together forever like other couples do? What about children?

I guess it depends on a lot of circumstances. Everyone makes their own choices. Worst case scenario is when you fall in love with your best friend who is as straight as a ruler. Try your luck and confess your feelings, risk losing whatever friendship there currently is or “die with it” and you are half happy; at least you will still have that girl as a friend.

Lucky are those girls who fall in love with girls that are also in love with them, what remains ahead is a journey of exploration.


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author avatar Sana Rose
18th May 2016 (#)

Safe to call you lesbian then, bit wary of you. If you have men too, well bis dual angelina Jolie is one and quite recently Paris Jackson was caught kissing a girl. They are bisexual women. Scary Spice too is a bisexual who stayed 4 years in a lesbian relationship and black too.

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