Can We Fix Children's "Bad" Behavior Early?

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Often, we overlook SMALL things that can make a BIG difference in a child's life. When a child is constantly getting into trouble it can be for a lot of reasons, and there are often simple solutions to help redirect a child's mindset....

Children Are Our Future....

In many societies, children and teenagers may display behavior that is upsetting and life changing for a lot of parents. Stealing, lying, fighting, suspension, drugs, sex, friends, peer pressure and bullying are some of the things our children and teens cope with on a regular basis. For some children and teens, it is difficult to deal with other individuals their age. With that being said, when your child gets into trouble, talk to them about the situation, get to the root of the problem and find a "mutual solution" that is beneficial (mainly for the child). What exactly do I mean?

"Mutual Solutions"

With anything else, before you find a solution, you must identify the problem. If it seems that your child likes to fight a lot, talk to them, and consider boxing lessons or karate as an alternative (mutual solution). Your child can redirect their mindset about fighting and turn it into something positive. An instructional trainer will help teach your child more about fighting, when and how to use it correctly.

If your child is stealing a lot, find out why. More than likely, they feel that they want something and have no other way to get it besides taking it. Encourage them to do chores and jobs around the house or neighborhood. Depending on their age, they can babysit, cut grass, run shopping errands and more. Help them see that they can earn money and buy their own things. It's not that they can't have it, they have to work for it, just like everyone else. Give them an opportunity to earn it though.

If your child is into guns and weapons, encourage them to join the army or become an officer of the law. Explain to them that they can be paid to carry and use a weapon if they stay in school and understand the correct use of it. Let them know that they can become gun training officers and can be paid to teach people how to use guns SAFELY.

If your child is mixing with the wrong crowd and throwing up gang signs and such, remind them that if they have the time to learn gang hand signs, they can easily learn sign language. Many jobs pay individuals who know sign language up to 50% more than an average worker.

If your child is into sex and seems to want a baby, get them a pet like a dog, cat, hamster or goldfish specifically. Something that requires a lot of time, care and supplies. Force them to buy their own pet supplies (including food, accessories, toys, vet visits, etc), walk their pet, bathe and feed their pet. Do not do one thing when it comes to taking care of their pet. Don't let your child have any fun until their pet is tended to. Often remind them that taking care of a pet is the first step of parenthood, and even then parenthood requires 50% more work.

We Must Teach Our Children...

These are just a few examples of how to redirect a child's thinking when they get into trouble. Everything will not work for everyone, this is just an idea of how small things can make the biggest difference. Take the time to enroll your children in free activities and programs around your community. The solution is not always punishment, a "spanking", jail time, etc. Many times, it takes a caring adult to TEACH and INFORM our youth. We often underestimate and overestimate a child's thought and mindset. Remember that we too were children, thinking a certain way, not understanding things fully. Things will not be easy and it will be a journey however, your effort goes a long way and your time is what matters when raising a child. In the long run, it can and will make all the difference.


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author avatar Hanson
3rd Oct 2013 (#)

Good post, Unique-Shines, it is believed that children are our treasure and we parents should bring them up discipline. The discipline must start from the womb.

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