Business schools in India are ranked best!

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In the early times of eighties and nineties the foreign MBA schools were regarded as classy and easy Job clinchers. No more now. India has got much better, with great faculties and career prospects

MBA schools in India are ranked "the best" amongst better ones in Asia

As the Indian economy draws up very high annual rates of GDP growth, job opportunities naturally are opening up for graduates who have received conventional business education related to local ground conditions. Therefore it is a reversal of sorts of a brain drain as students even from IITs the most premier Institutes of India who command respect the world over, are spurning six figure salaries and returning to India, as are growing number of MBAs from the best foreign schools.
But despite India boasting over a thousand B-schools, some of whom are ranked the best in the world, most graduates who aspire to good corporate careers desire and yearn to do an MBA abroad, especially in the U.S. , U.K. or Australia-N.Zealand. One feels that is just the reason why these foreign B-schools have set up offices in India in plush 5 star hotels and stage promotional programmes to lure our hungry graduates to globally cherished MBAs that they have to offer.
The truth is that good MBA education is restricted to just 30 to 40 in countries like Australia, Singapore,U.S or even U.K. and the diplomas offered by the remaining Institutes don’t open doors there as well as in India. Splash this with other factors such as expensive education, poor living standars, difficulties in securing a good job, Visas, and anyone can understand the charm of working abroad is fading and it is common place to see many of these students with degrees from B schools from all over coming back to India where job prospects are definitely better.
With the global meltdown and recession hitting the world particularly the western economies there is therefore more glaze and glitz than real gold in foreign MBAs.
Against this backdrop it makes sense for the vast majority of students to explore the Indian B-school option. admittedly , Indian MBA diplomas with the sole exception of certification from top three IIMs,are not recognised by Western firms/companies. But this is true of all public and private B-schools in India. It is important and useful to remember that an MBA from the top 30 B-schools of India is better than also ran institutes/schools that woo you from all over the world. Several cultural exchange students from all over the world will vouch for quality education from Indian B-schools.

Therefore it is becoming increasingly clear that a foreign B-school diploma now holds no more guarantee for better future, quality education or plum jobs. India is today very well placed to offer better B-schools with qualitative all round education and cheaper school fees.India will very soon have more Managers than the entire population of France. But on a lighter note if you ask me what would you want your son to become when he grows up? My answer perhaps to this easy question would be “Son, go out and play and become a sportman. There is lot of money, fame, glitz and glam in sports. And you don't require to spend a fortune.


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author avatar Denise O
3rd Mar 2011 (#)

I do have to admit, India is far more prosperous than most countries and good for y'all. I would love to visit there one day and hey...
I wish my kids would have taken up playing a sport also but, they have to make their own path. Nice read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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