Bullying and Its Effect

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Bullying is the harassment or use of force to abuse others. Coercion is also used as the tool to victimize others on the basis of race, religion, gender, behavior, sexuality or class. The abuse that is involved may be emotional, verbal or physical. Bullying in school, neighborhood and at playgrounds are very common among the children.


Bullying includes physical aggression on others which is generally done by the males. On the other hand exclusion and mockery are also ways to bully people and females are more tended towards this practice of bullying. Criticism and false rumors also bully a person without any direct interaction. The effects of bullying on those who have been targeted can be very harsh. It can cause depression, loneliness and anxiety. Even the risk of suicide increases due to it.
Bullying is very common in schools and it is very frequent at places like any games classes, recess, school buses, bathrooms etc. These activities inculcate the fear to go to school. Emotional bullying harms a school child more than the physical bullying. Thus the role of the teachers and the school management increase to prevent bullying. Anti bullying policies shall be laid down to eliminate the abuses and harm that are caused by bullying. The lessons shall be given in the class to focus on the importance of awareness and bully prevention.
Two activities or lessons that can be planned may include firstly the show of a documentary to the student of the class that has good audio visual effects and easily understandable by the students. The documentary shall be based on the after effects of the bullying that the children fail to understand. They generally have a perception that their act of bullying is only for fun. The short film would help to understand the pain that the target has to go through due to their fun. The second form of lesson can be the real example of the victim who suffered due the act of bullying of their classmates or may be seniors. These stories shall be depicted in a precise and touching manner so that the whole class get the goose bumps and get to know the even the film they watched have connection with the real world. They should be made to understand that today they may the weaker child their target but god might the same with them. It is often observed that the children fear supernatural powers. These two lessons shall certainly focus on the awareness and the bully prevention. These lessons shall be directed towards helping the victim also. Moreover the lessons must leave a great impact on the students who involves in such acts of harassing others such that they get feeling of guilt in them. In this way the lessons will benefit the whole class.
If the teacher in the class is satisfied that the child is guilty of his acts and wants to transform himself, then the teacher shall readily help him. Slowly the teaser loses all his friends and no one supports him. The reason may the fear or annoying nature. In the given scenario, the teacher shall help the child to get over the things and be a good person. Here to support Antonio’s change, he can be even made the class monitor so that he can help his friends and gain back their confidence. In this way, Antonio will get a fair chance to prove himself that he has really transformed. Antony to maintain a good psychology and be on a right path can be change in his regular routine. He should be asked to follow a routine that is will help him to stay on the right path. He can be asked to maintain a checklist so as for his self assurance that he is not involved in any activities of bullying.
Parents shall be an active participant in helping Antonio in overcoming his bad habits and become a changed person. Parents shall be asked to be friendly with him and get involved with him in his activities. Even the parents shall keep track of the activities of their child. Their friendly nature would help the child to share with them all his secrets and the activities. Even the parents shall know about the friend or the peers of Antonio so that they can be sure of that he do not come into the contact of the bad company. This would certainly help Antonio to choose a right path in his life. In this way, his behavior can be maintained and even that this change in behavior is a true partnership between you, the child, and the parents.


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