Bullying Among Children Major Problem Today

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Bullying is a major problem faced by children in school today. The concern is very high among parents because the risk of sucide is great. We want our children to lead safe happy lives but being bullied can end that. Find out what you as a parent can do to help your child.

The Faces of Bullies Might Surprise You

Today those who are known for being bullies wear a different face than long ago. It is the faces of our own children and we need to understand why it is happening in order to stop it from happening. Cyber bullying has become a tool used to enhance the bullies hold over someone who is weaker than the bully. The media has shed a new light on bullying to enable us to recognize when our child is being bullied. This is very important because it is a proven fact that more teen suicides are happening because of children being bullied by their peers.

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Take Action When Your Child is being Bullied

When a parent recognizes the fact that their child is being bullied it is time to take action not play the “blame and shame game.” That is when the parent is blamed by the school for not bringing up their children properly and the parent blames the school for not having better control over the students. Shame on both of you instead takes action and work together! Cyber bullying is a new tool used to be a bully and both the parent and school system need to get a handle on this and take steps to prevent it. The use of school computers to text other students should be stopped. Parents remove cell phones and other devices that can be used as a tool by the bully or the one who is receiving these messages. The messages stop if there is no two way communications.

Communication, Activity, and Caring

The goal is to help your child to rise above bullying and become healthy mature adults. We all know that there is no guide to parenthood but we as parents can become good role models for our children. There are positive steps to take that will discourage your child from becoming a bully.
1. The first step is your own actions children watch what you do and learn from your behavior. Make sure that your actions are something that you would want your child to replicate with others when they are out in society.
2. Every family is different but it does not mean that your culture cannot be taught just make sure that you provide a supportive family culture. Know more about your children and what they like to do and who are their friends.
3. Communication is one of the hardest things to do at times but one of the most necessary things in a good relationship. Make sure that your children understand what you tell them and you mean it. It is not good to change your mind when you make a decision just to appease the child. You should listen to your child before you do make a decision so that you can make a wise decision concerning their needs and wants.
4. The parent is not the only adult in a child’s life other adults can help assist you when they have a positive attitude. It is good to nurture friendships with adults who can influence your child in a positive manner.
5. One of the major aspects of being a part of your child’s life is to take part in what is going on in the child’s school life. You may do that by going to their conferences and getting better acquainted with their teachers. Volunteering is a great way to know more about what is happening in the school and with your child. Also showing that you have interest in what they do will make it better for you and your child to get along and understand each other.

Positive Values

6. Community involvement is very important as well as school involvement. The different organizations in the community can be very helpful in your child’s growth. It is proven fact that places like girls and boys clubs provide healthy activities. Often the church that you attend has on going events that are good for the whole family.
7. When you are letting your children participate in activities or taking part with different groups set boundaries that are clear and precise. Safety is of the utmost importance and knows who your child is interacting with.
8. Let your child know that you have great expectations for their Academics and the way that they behave. Your child does not have to be a straight A student but encourage them to do the best work possible that they can. Encourage them to take action and participate whenever possible in school activities. Let them know that you are part of their lives and are proud of whatever activities and grades they are able to achieve.
9. One of the best things a parent can do is to promote positive values in their children. We need to teach our children to be honest, responsible, and keep control of their own actions. A child needs to learn that what they do or say is their responsibility and not to do things to harm others.

Parenting Not Easy but Rewarding

It is never easy to be a parent but it is rewarding and you can be proud of your child when you know that you have set goals and expectations that they are able to meet. Help your child to dream about their future. Every child has a dream about what they want to be when they grow up so encourage them to work towards that goal. Encourage your child to strive for a good future and take classes to help meet their goals. Find out what they are up to in school and the community. Bullying can be stopped and even prevented if both parents and school officials pay attention to what is happening in their surroundings.


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author avatar writershirley lopez
21st Jun 2014 (#)

Parents need to read this to help their children now and if the time comes when they are being bullied.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Jun 2014 (#)

Parents also need to be aware if their kids are the bullies, bullies often learn their behavior at home, watching parents, or older siblings, or by being bullied by their parents or siblings.

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author avatar writershirley lopez
22nd Jun 2014 (#)

Yes, I agree with you Mr. Brown bulling often starts at home and it is wise for the teachers etc. to beaware of children who behave as bullies.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
22nd Jun 2014 (#)

A problem that always existed and now we are trying to solve without any solutions

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author avatar Angelarose
23rd Jun 2014 (#)

If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.. Keep calm and stay who you are. YOU are Awesome! I suggest this website to you guys.. This stuff is really helpful when it comes to our safety. check this out--http://safekidzone.com/

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