Bueaty of Comparative Learning

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Comparative learning is a great way to boost efficiency of learning, and more, it’s fun!

Bueaty of Comparative Learning

I have come across with this term, Comparative Learning, in my academic writing journey, but hadn’t really tried it myself until about a year ago. As a bilingual person, I was thrilled and continuously feel the excitement when putting this methodology in the context of language. Through its lenses, I’m able to see and understand more in my daily life now.

In Readings

Thanks to Internet, we’re all able to get to the access of some of the greatest literature! Yes, this pool, to which thousands of excellent cross-bordered writers and authors have accumulately contributed, is penetrated with different views and approaching angles. Various opinions form upon a historical event or a newest discovery in science, technology, and medicines and beyond. Comparative learning is really the best, if not the only, way to stretch our comprehension into a fullest length.

In Everyday Life

I think this is one of areas to reflect perfectly differences or even discords presented in our society. Take an instance of dog for example---my dog inspired my thought same way as he did in my previous article! When talking about dogs, chances are people in the west mostly think of positive characters like loyalty, whereas the thought of train of my Chinese fellows may go for the opposite direction. The word, doggedly, speaks for itself here. A term in Chinese, zougo, on the other hand---literally involves in dogs---describes somebody with a despicable character. Yeah, it’s really not fair for dogs!

In Language

Clearly, I have to say this is my favorite part! I have obtained a pretty good language level in both English and Mandarin, and able to spot numerous cases here. One of the examples is the translated term for the word, bride, which in Chinese, literally means a new mother (xingliang). Well, it’s true that a bride is a new mother in most real life scenarios, if not in all though.

Once again, it’s fun to carry on a comparative learning attitude in reading our lives, and hopefully by it, we can all have a bit new and interesting discovery every day.


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