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Caring for our elderly parents is an indispensable duty, especially if they suffer with health problems or prolonged illnesses.

Our Parents.

Our parents are indeed the important people in our life, those who have brought up and raised us into adulthood. Even people who were not near to their parents agree their parents deserve a basic level of respect and gratefulness. In our parent's age, they need help in many ways. We may have to remind them of vital appointments, arrange them for doctor visits and get along to money or their everyday problems.

If our parents have begun to show signs of a physical weakness or mental illness, it may be unsafe for them to live alone. That may be the stage to bring them under our wings. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system, has pointed out, that people are replacing their clothes as they get old and worn out. In a similar way ‘Atman’ (soul) alter the body as it wears out.

Old Parents - Photo Credit: BromFordGroup @ flickr under CC license

The Powerful Medicine.

Living With Parents - Photo Credit: mynameisharsha @flickr under CC license.

The powerful medicine for seniors is Love and kindness shown by their kith and kin. In old age, due to degenerative process remains produce too many syndromes. Alongside with medication, a will power to control the adverse changes of the body, gives much in fighting against the disease. Along with alternative therapy we also make existing emotional support with nectar of principles of all religions.

There is typically a lack of confidence in old age people, predominantly they can't take care of themselves financially. Their children are the guardians of their lives. But, recurrently their children are not including them in their plans. Old age people may present a lack of capacity to analyze, forgetfulness, disability to communicate, to hear, to see etc.

There are serious psychological changes which take place during the aging process, which affect their memory, just the short term memory. This often results in older persons becoming absent-minded about the present, whilst still being able to withdraw their childhood and teenage years as if they were only yesterday.

Give Them Extra Care.

So the elderly people gets used to relaxing in a place as pensiveness, vegetating, speaking nothing. There is rarely a lack of reason to live. They have too much excess time, and too much time for arguments. There may be a wish to go places, but no intends to do so. There is a shortage of useful things to do.

Old age fetches about future shock. Elderly people finds themselves out of phase with their own children, grandchildren and family. Hence, a negative course can get started toward hyper-criticism. The older people often tend to lay down their symptoms. So they should be given a basic understanding hearing, and proper weight given to even minor complaints like, “not feeling too bright today, and “profuse unnecessary sweating” could be a sign of silent heart attack. As painless heart attacks are more regular in the senior people, especially among the diabetics,

Few are doing extremely well for their age some are in line with hopes, and many are in declining health, physically, mentally, or both. They all want, and most require, our care and concern. So, extra care must be given to their problems with love and affection.

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Great article on the importance of family.

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This is an awesome article. Family is so important!

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it is nice to have your comment my friend

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17th Sep 2013 (#)

I agree sukkran and older people can be of such great assistance to young children growing up...age and wisdom with youth both share in loving.

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Nice topical post in this age

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Very good article...thank you sukkran...

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