Blood tests to know the sex of baby

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What a joy when you know you're pregnant. Future dads are happy with the news and you start thinking about their future .... Boy or girl? That's the first question that assaults the prospective parents.

Blood tests to know the sex of baby

To begin to create, even mentally, a future human being within 9 months come to the world, such as room decor, etc., many dads want to know the sex of your baby. For that you have two options: that many women have done and that is to make the mother an ultrasound in the second trimester of pregnancy and the new test to determine the sex of the baby, a blood test to the mother.

Yes, as you're listening. This is for a simple blood test to the mother in the early weeks of gestation and a reliability between 95% and 99%.

A team of researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) U.S. has prepared several studies that showed that the blood of the mother has enough information to determine the sex of the fetus from the seventh week of pregnancy.

It is certainly fast, reliable and not aggressive to the fetus, because the amniocentesis can also determine the sex of the baby but is an invasive test that abortion carries a risk of 1%.

The blood test is to analyze DNA fragments of the plasma cell from the fetus. From the seventh week of pregnancy the fetus is enough plasma in the blood of the pregnant woman to know if a boy or girl.

Know as soon as the baby's sex to study whether or not associated with sex genetic disorders such as hemophilia.

What do you think? Science is moving so fast ... and our quality of life improves at the same speed.

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