Blessed is he that takes no offense by me...

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Have you wondered why those that love God suffer - it just might be for the glory of God. Who in the flesh knows what fruit their suffering has; just imagine the rewards you might have waiting...

Blessed is he that takes no offense by me...

Blessed is he that takes no offense by me...

Thirteen billion numbers of life bristled strongly with forensic anomy as they listened to The One’s words. The Continuum congested thickly as billions accessed the same data about this number of life who became entwined in the barter between The One and Lucifer. It was meaningless information; but there were three hundred and seventeen men in the fishbowl universe with that name. The controversy entangled the number of life Anicse, who shepherded Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before taken by the Well of Souls for birth into the flesh. The sea of life stood on the sea of glass ruminating on the unimaginable unendurable blatantly in their faces. The sea of life shifted uncomfortably in response - fighting to make sense of the incomprehensible.

Luciah stood before the glittering thrones absolutely stunned by the question, not knowing how to react - could this be another trap like the War of the Lambs? Luciah rapidly paged through millions of possible scenarios desperately formulating viable strategies based on the available probable; this was his archenemy – who unfairly sentenced him to eternal death. He was no longer his child, his construction of great love, but the living fatherless dead destined to an eternal sleep none could awake from. An uncomfortable eternity passed; Luciah could not answer this mighty being’s interrogative quickly enough. The One repeated the question again.

“Have you considered my servant Job, there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and upright man that fears God and escheweth evil?”

The One looked intently at Luciah, leaned back waiting patiently on his massive throne; the whole held their breaths waiting for Lucifer’s answer, stunned by the unbelievable interactions between these two bitter enemies.

Luciah fluttered awkwardly fighting the escalating all consuming panic attack; his mind desperately tried to discern the hidden trap, as the piercing stabs of twenty-five billion eyes laid heavily on his back. He did not want to appear weak before The One ever again, if only for the sake of his brotherhood. Luciah internally fortified his nerve, took a deep breath, looked at Yahaveh, and boldly seethed with his face twisting horribly.

“Does Job fear you for naught? He only worships you because he gets something out of it. Have you not made a hedge about him and about all that he has on every side? You have blessed mightily everything he does and gave him enough possessions to fill a whole nation, plus made him filthy rich too. But suppose you take away everything he has - he will curse you to your face!”

Luciah momentarily fixated on the Seal of The One on David’s forehead, remembering when he possessed that glorious honor so long ago - sitting on the left throne of The One; he burned with scalding jealously, struggling mightily to command the distracting emotion - this was not the time. He sensed the satisfaction and admiration from the brotherhood through the continuum; Luciah smiled inwardly enjoying obvious leverage against The One.

The One shifted on his massive jewel encrusted golden throne, his robe of light flowing over him like a living thing; his copper complexion shifted. He sounded like a hundred voices speaking at once.

“All right then; everything he has is in your power, but you must not hurt my servant himself.”

Billions of hearts stopped for Anicse. What The One was allowing was extraordinary, lacking palatable veracity. Anicse was Election, the saved innocent remaining spotless in the first Universe of God. It wasn’t integrity The One could reward faithfulness, righteousness, and loving adoration with blinding evil - he should always recompense good and punish evil. For first time since the beginning, Yahaveh’s actions destroyed the face of numeric common sense, betraying the very truth and nature of The One. It was twisted dark side left field; millions of Election in the sea of life burned with boiling injustice despite the Continuum within - this was blatantly unacceptable though The One’s actions remained inconsolably incontestable.

Yahaveh processed the foaming spiritual unrest in the sea of life amongst the demarcations. Standing up from his Throne, he ruminated that his Elect, who were supposed to understand him more, were also filled with offense because of Anicse and his interactions with Luciah.

Yahaveh’s red eyes scanned the Throne Room and he began to speak. Luciah and his brotherhood listened uncomfortably.

“We are to rejoice for Anicse; to stand against this Lucifer now standing before me is the purest joy. It is the testing of faith that develops perseverance; the finished work that matures and completes fully - not lacking anything.

“Our plans are always for good, never for punishment, to give all a future of hope regardless of the evil that surrounds us. As you know, the Flesh Age exists for the redemption of all numbers of life. Though our Elect are not in need of this Flesh Age for salvation, it is for our glory, your reward, and to poke a sharp finger in the eye of this Satan who stands as the living dead before us now.

“But do not be misled, though there will be testing of my Elect and all that call my name, we will never yoke any with unrighteousness: for what fellowship has righteousness has with unrighteousness. And what communion hath light with darkness - none; that would make us evil - not cherishing that we profess on our holy names to love.

“Then why would we do this to Job whom has given us the sweetest preeminence above all seen and unseen? The answer is, in the first universe everyone possessed equality for we were no respecter of persons: status and high office were the only shadows of number demarcation. But because of the baring of teeth, the Election earned salvation above the seas of life because of their righteousness in the world that was - displaying exquisite fidelity to we who are The One. Remember, one third of our brothers fell into the dust and followed the constructed lion, while seeing us face to face.

“But because of the schoolmaster of fire and the response of the flesh, in the final Universe of God a new demarcation will exist beside high office - spiritual riches, luxury, and unbridled wealth. In that universe, some will be unfortunate for not returning from the flesh with exquisite righteous acts and fidelity. And that in itself will create the first social stratification in Heaven in all the backward eternities. It is for good and for only a season - ten billion eternities from now complete equality will slowly return in full perpetuity. Blessed are our numbers of life who died in the fishbowl universe for us - they will rest from their labors and their works will surly follow them.

“Never again, will the white linen of Heaven be free as before - for the works of every number is the very fabric all clothing in the third and final Universe of God.

“Those who overcome our determination will be richly rewarded for our name’s sake, for all the eternities. For we who are God who, when we created our children never intended to destroy them or have them subject to evil – we constructed all to possess newness, peace, and brotherhood forever.

“Without us, morality, existence, and brotherhood would have no meaning, for all is folly and vanity - even to you before us now in this Throne Room. What appeal is there in reason, love, and fidelity to a fishbowl universe run amuck, drowning in the madness of Lucifer? It is the same insanity all creation trembles to enter and howls mightily to leave. Our actions and rationale aren’t a result of purposelessness or accidents, but a well thought out design for the maximum salvation of all numbers of life. There are no circumstances that doesn’t reflect our goodness and holiness, for this pain is less than a microscopic drop in all the billions of oceans of unspeakable joy we give to all those who succeed in us. Since the baring of teeth was revealed, we remained adamant in our devotion to reclaiming the keys of death, and testing those born again in the fishbowl universe for our edification, their reward, and the stratification of numeric mankind. The catastrophic circumstances that birthed the Trinity of the Flesh were result of the great agape oceans of love we unconditionally possess for all of you.”

The One paused; he floated to the end of the podium spreading his arms out widely with emotion, struggling to convey the unconceivable: the great love they possessed for their children. His voices reverberated fully throughout the twelve billion square mile room.

“The beauty of our unbreakable relationship is not limited by how we should act, but is based on the intimate personal faith that wellsprings brotherhood, in spite of any emotive disparages of holiness offended. The first immutable intimate truth will always exist – no matter the circumstances; love is always received by those that love The One. For all will relearn to understand the heart of The One, the high schoolmaster of the fishbowl universe: the cleansing, meldings, and esteem we give to those who love us regardless of the blinding evil, consequences, or temptations. Have this faith though you may not understand with clarity our actions now - one day, I swear on my own name, you surely will.

“We who are The One live our lives to be with you, constantly striving to demonstrate we do not count our existence without any of you profitable: even the unrepentant brotherhood. For from the beginning, we treasured each and every one of you; we are more than Creator and the created, more than the comparisons of our exalted state and your lowly estate, more than the deepest friends, more than you are capable of ever realizing. This is the foundations of brotherhood, peace, newness, and the trust we enjoyed through all the backward eternities - and will enjoy again.

“Though I still see righteous indignation stratifying the whole, this war remains for the edification of all souls. We earnestly desire all for eternal life: to be with you in the fullness of all eternities is the singular driving force of everything we do.”

Yahaveh sat down. Yahshua, who was the Son of God, who never said a word during the entire discourse, snapped his fingers – Luciah disappeared in a flash of light from the immense podium; he materialized into the brotherhood sea of life far below them.

David turned toward the whole still struggling with righteous indignation, took a couple steps forward and said, “May The One be with you.”

Billions fell to their faces on the sea of glass singing, “And also in me.”

Evidently, the brotherhood conferred false weakness on The One, standing insolent and defiant, projecting melding to Lucifer as he floated above the brotherhood boldly in front of the congregation. It was the highest abomination born from noxious insanity. And the brotherhood loudly chanted ‘Lucifer’ as Luciah transported to his craft from the Gathering without permission from the Foundations of All: self-inflicted spiritual suicide.

David turned in shocking unbelief. The One glowed brightly at the blasphemy in his face. Yahaveh stood up, as they continued chanting in an obvious attempt to disrupt The Gathering and elevate their Lucifer above the very throne of their Creator – in front of his very face.

And Mariah who stood amongst the billions looked at Elias; his face glazed thick with ugly disbelief and whispered, “This is absolutely unbelievable.”

The diamond ceiling glowed red above the entire sea of life. The very atmosphere within the twelve billion square mile Throne Room rippled for a microsecond. The riotous chanting instantly ceased as the brotherhood regrouped, giving respect, rubbing their bodies frantically as the burning slowly abated.
Yahaveh paused pensively and then slowly sat down, evidently changing his mind on displaying additional sovereign power that he was still Lord of All.

David wiped warm tears from his eyes and stepped to the edge of the podium feeling sick to his stomach, unable to help feeling injustice in spite of the truth The One just reiterated. The testing of faith develops perseverance – the finished work that matures and completes fully, not lacking anything. It was an impossible concept of holiness to understand. The Light couldn’t resolve the spiritual unrest that deeply wounded him because of the disrespect shown to the very face of God.

David wanted to fight, to do something, to avenge The One’s honor, protect Heaven, hurt Lucifer and his brotherhood, to utterly destroy every one of them. He warred with the wormwood as he strived to subject his mind to divine alignment. David found himself absolutely tired of the baring of teeth and his disobedient brothers - it was so hard. I am Leadership; accountability always begins with me. David struggled to compose himself and address the whole, thankful only The One could read his uncontrollable thoughts still holding him hostage.

The four Zoon suddenly materialized from the Holies of Holies next to David, fluttering and vibrating an intricate string symphony. Red smoke rose thick from their pores floating towards the bright diamond ceiling. David stopped trembling as the Holy Spirit stilled his mind and immersed him with a double portion of the Ancient of Days: the Continuum.

David took a couple steps forward and began to speak to the sea of life before him.

”Well, here we go again. All creation stands, some in error and some in fidelity, again as so many times before in front of their Creator. And many trust the no respect while surfing the path of self-destruction, thinking there can be life without The One. Here we go again as before, biting the hands providing their very breaths, full of dark complicit conspiracies and self-destructive rebellion that falsely denies the final tomorrow.

“The only purpose of this Gathering is to bring to remembrance the deadly implications of the catastrophe born from the death of wisdom, and the constructed lion - that denies the love and brotherhood freely given at the Great Construction.

“Those of both sides of the demarcation, including me have failed to comprehend the unfathomable love The One possesses for all his children regardless of their ungodliness. The brotherhood is found wanting on the scales of brotherhood, but remedy surely exists by the simplest of actions: repentance. For The one wants all to re-ponder the greatest immutable truth woven into all creation - there is no life without The One.

“All must incontrovertibly love their Creator. It’s not a pet-master relationship; he absolutely knows what is best for all of us - even if we don't understand. The One’s will does not hinge upon any understanding - it requires disciplined honor, unbreakable confidence, and unwavering fidelity. For as this Heaven is higher than the earth below us, likewise his ways are higher than ours. We must relearn we are his singular interest, and must honor The One with more than spiritual obedience - there should never be any offense in him.


“We that love the Lord during this seemingly endless baring of teeth walk the loneliest road, but I swear on Yahaveh’s holy name it will not always be so. Trust The One with your soul, never leaning on any understanding. I shouldn’t have to re-teach this obvious ever; through the billion backward eternities, we always knew this. So therefore, hold to the faith born from the backward eternities, even though Lucifer and his brotherhood slaughter your brothers in the fishbowl universe day and night with seeming impunity.

“The iniquity in Heaven and upon the earth, the violence, the blinding disrespect, the persecutions, death, and injustice should mean only one thing - respect for the immense complexity of The One’s control in human and Angelic affairs. We have sorely disbelieved nothing happens without The One’s consent; there are no victories for evil ever. And that is veracity as breaths inhaled, though many here insanely shake their fists at the Lord of All.

“Who can run from the truth - there has to be an ending. There is a fullness to blinding insanity – there will be an ending. This is the trusted covenant of The One, the unchangeable assurance transcending all numeric processes; the wicked shall surely die. No longwinded discussion can negate the fact that The One is The Creator, The Power, The Foundations, and within his hands is the power of death without repentance. For who standing here can say yes when he says no? The brotherhood are fools. Can anyone parley with the Ancient of Days without love in their hearts? You know the answer.

“The nature of the fishbowl universe is a harsh schoolmaster for the souls that travel there. I don’t know why I have to tell you this when everyone here intimately knows this. Relearn its purpose - holiness, goodness, life eternal, brotherhood, freedom, newness, and unspeakable endless joy. The brotherhood have traded the billion oceans of eternity for the microscopic droplet of the fleeting now, while foolishly designating themselves enlightened, wise, and free.

“May The One who gives endurance and encouragement, bestow upon us the spirit of unity even now and into the great eternities that lies ahead. May the peace and grace of our Father be upon us despite whatever desert may come. And may our God strengthen us as we wait to be born again into the fishbowl universe - into the spiritual wilderness that was our planet and Heaven for all the backward eternities, before the baring of teeth.”

A tear fell.

David collapsed onto the floor of the podium weeping bitterly. The Son of God rushed from this Throne on the right hand of The One, ministered to The Light, picked him up, reverently cradling David in his strong arms. David wept as Yahshua looked sadly over the sea of life before him.

“The most exalted number of life in creation has succumbed to the pain before us. There is no dishonor in this; we are a fractured as a family, it wounds deeply when family does not love each other. We created our children to love us and each other; a natural process constructed in all. It is painful to see the trepidations over the unimaginable events that fractured this civilization called Heaven with evil.

“We internally cry, filled to the brim with sorrow while trying to deflect the raw evil, simply struggling to believe. We all resist the rationalization that these means justify the returning of peace, newness, and brotherhood, as we witness the blinding injustice. We feel the grief unbridled evil has caused in the hearts of our children who remain our unending singular devotion.

“We know this scalding evil cannot be rationally dismissed without emotive consequence, by any promise of future unspeakable joy. For we who are The One struggle too - but we cannot alter the wheels from turning. Evil exists to save your brothers standing next to you in this holy room and on the earth below. It is that simple: no jigsaw or deep mystery in this. And though we, Heaven, and the earth weeps, groans, and longs for the way it was; we who are The One promise the next universe will be so grand that this grief and pain will soon pale into microscopic insignificance. This is the promise to all those that love us.

“And those like my David, a number after my own heart, who are sick of the intelligent cancer infesting the fishbowl universe, Heaven, and this Gathering, will find rest, newness, and loving brotherhood for all our eternities. Though it may seem endless as the slow seconds tick, we swear by our very names that the baring of teeth will verily end.”

Yahshua and David disappeared from the high podium in a flash of light.

The Zoon stood up as Luciah who had returned from the fishbowl universe, reappeared on the podium, in a flash of light. Eight hundred eyes pierced him as the Zoon fluttered their massive blue wings, their golden hooves pawing the solid gold flooring in obvious agitation.

Yahaveh stood suddenly from his Throne to confront Satan’s disrespect. “Where did you come from?”

“From going to and fro on the earth and walking up and down on it,” Luciah said with dripping sarcasm.

Mariah seethed inside at Lucifer’s insolence. Everyone knew what he did. The agony of Job broke hearts deeply – Anicse didn’t deserve this. Five hundred fifty-six men loyal to The One died because of this unnatural barter between The One and Satan; many more were maimed and crippled. What about the tears of their wives and children? It was blasphemy to force the hand of The One.

The One replied with victorious sarcasm. “Have you considered my servant Job, there is still none like him in the earth; a perfect and upright man, one that loves The One and escheweth evil? And after what you’ve done, he still hold fast in his integrity although you moved me against him without cause.”

“Skin for doggone skin; what does the suffering of others really mean in the grand scheme of things? All a man has he will give for his life, to not feel pain. If you remove your hedge, and let me touch his bone and his flesh I swear he will curse you to your face.”

And the Lord paused a long moment. “Behold, he is in your hand, but you cannot kill him.”

Yahaveh snapped his fingers; Luciah disappeared in a flash of light. The One faced the whole, raising his arms, and said, “I remember the ways you use to love us, and the days we were all brothers. And until brotherhood returns with permanence, we give you the spirit of wisdom, the revelations of knowledge of us, so the eyes of your hearts be enlightened - so you may know the hope to which we have called you.

“Who can know the riches of their glorious inheritance in the final Universe of God? And what is the immeasurable greatness of our power in you who persevere; according to the working of what we will accomplish for all that love The One, here and on earth for all the eternities. And until that glorious day, may The One be in you.”

The whole fell to the floor singing, “And also in me.” And billions of voices back grounded by the music of the Zoon began to sing with gusto, the national anthem of Heaven: The Greatness of The One.

And deep within the sea of life, Elias touched Mariah’s hand. “I never thought I would ever say this but I have to - this is absolutely unbelievable.”

And Mariah looked curiously at Elias. Throughout all the past eternities, he vowed never to say those words. And Mariah discerned even more because of that, things would get much worse before they got better.

Elias continued, “For it is by grace we have been saved, and this is not from ourselves; it is the gift of The One – not by works, so no one can boast. Whether flesh or the indestructible, we are all Yahaveh’s workmanship, created by Yahshua to do good works which The One prepared in advanced for all to do.”

Mariah looked at Elias’ face keenly. This was the Continuum speaking to him, the spirit of the living God. And Mariah felt burning shame as he asked for strength, understanding, and trust in the difficult days ahead - to never be offended again, by whatsoever The One did.
“We have believed Luciah’s discontent that God doesn’t make sense. Understand this: truth is the submission to The One who desires us beyond measure - with endless eternities of brotherhood. The baring of teeth reflects the completeness of The One’s victory in all of us. And for this immutable truth, we breathe this breath of life for only one reason – to give our love to The One. This, Mariah, is the nadir of all wisdom.

“Yahshua who will be Jesus, the Messiah, and who is The One, doesn’t regard equality with The One precious. Yahshua will empty all that he is, will take the form of a bondservant to all numbers of life; will be made in the likeness of man to enter the fishbowl universe too. He will humble himself, obedient to death for salvation and common good, so throughout the eternities everyone will continue to be brothers.

“Though we may feel sorry for Job, the injustice in the fishbowl universe, and what is happening to our brothers - to obtain something we never had, we must trust the ungraspable hard to believe. Evil is not for our punishment but an opening to receive something better; the eternal brotherhood promised forever and ever.

“Though we struggle with the nausea at the evil here and in the fishbowl universe – it is meant to display the goodness of God. The will of The One will never take us where he will not protect us, for he is the very definition of love - thusly our greatest thoughts are always the definition of some lesser illogical stupid something.”

Elias glowed brightly totally infused with the Continuum; he then threw his arms around Mariah and hugged him hard, holding him tight, thinking of all the backward eternities he had loved him. A tear slipped from his eye.

“We forget The One spoke a billion universes into existence without lifting a little finger, and from his breath innumerable stars were formed. And though we see him face to face, being the same height we are, we must never minimize that he is the Creator – of all seen and unseen. And the greatest mystery of God is why he loves us so much. Anything that dismisses that interrogative is intellectual folly, plain and simple. For we will, for all the eternities, be Kings in Paradise – these are the gifts, the promises, and the love of The One. And it is awesome in our eyes.”

“When did you get so much wisdom?” Mariah said choking on the words.

Elias smiled widely. “The One is good.”

“Every single day - no matter what,” Mariah interjected smiling.

The four Zoon high above by the glittering Thrones stood up flexing their wings; eight hundred eyes scanned the sea of life below them. The beasts suddenly burst into flight. Billions listened to the music they produced as the Throne Room flashed. Mariah and Elias stood in Mariah’s three hundred fifty acre apartment.

The fragrant smoke of The One’s incense rose from their bodies permeating the air thickly. And they looked at each other thankful for The One, the civilization called Heaven, and their deep friendship. They missed Allayah and Jessah deeply. Words were not necessary – and they held each other again missing the way it uses to be in the first Universe of God, before the baring of teeth so long ago.

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Very biblically correct! I really enjoyed your writing.

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Thank you fro your kind words

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