Biotechnology – An Interesting Career!

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This article is a brief description of the Biotechnology course for all those of you who are interested in biological sciences.


Have you considered opting for Biotechnology as a career? But wondered what it really is? Trail along to find out the newer horizons this particular domain encompasses.

Biotechnology is a technology that uses a biological system, such as a living organism, to manufacture products or alter processes for a precise use. The term Biotechnology was coined in 1917 by a Hungarian Engineer Karl Ereky. It has several disciplines within itself and its applications extend to almost all the significant areas of health, agriculture, biological production and the environment as a whole. It draws its roots from the antiquated Neolithic times where agriculture was the overriding means of food production. The practices of agriculture have been renewed and modified by several other biological, chemical and mechanical sciences from the time of its conception.

Some of the significant fields of biotechnology include:

In a nut shell, this branch is the study of micro organisms, their growth cycle and their activities. The understanding of microbiology and the use of micro organisms have led to the creation of a variety of valuable biological products. For example, the production of antibiotics like penicillin is done by growing the microbes in specific conditions and providing them all the necessary substances for its nourishment. This study has also resulted in the refined use of microbes in the elimination and degradation of pollutants present in the environment. And this, as we all know has surely done a great deal in enhancing the biological make up of the planet and made man’s life healthier.
This field could be very fascinating if you have an interest in exploring the innate functions of the human body. It involves the study of the various activities carried out by each cell in the body. You learn the constituents of the cell and the functions of all the different components that carry out the normal bodily affairs.
Molecular biology is the understanding of biology at a molecular level. This field includes chemistry, biology and genetics predominantly. It includes the interaction between the various systems of a cell which consists of the relation between DNA, RNA and protein and learning how these interactions are regulated.
It is the study of the biochemical processes in a living system. It is the process of learning the structures and functions of cellular components such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids.
An enzyme is a biocatalyst which accelerates a biological reaction. This area includes the isolation of enzymes from microbes, higher plants and animals and their various applications in the industries. As an example an enzyme papain is isolated from the fruit papaya and is used as a meat tenderizer.
It is a blend of physical and biological technologies used for the conversion of raw materials into valuable products.
It is a modern Biotechnology technique wherein scientific methods have enhanced the natural capabilities of natural production of organisms. A mouse of the size of a rabbit can be produced! These techniques have been developed to produce rare and medicinally valuable molecules to change the hereditary traits of plants and animals and to diagnose diseases. One example of this kind - Yeast cells has been genetically engineered to produce vaccine against hepatitis B virus.
This is the study of the immune system and how the body’s defense system works in case of an exposure to a foreign particle. It means the body has its own, naturally built, mechanism to fight diseases and with the help of research we have come up with a lot of ways to enhance the body’s mechanism to counter attack deadly diseases. Example: vaccination
It is the process of developing valuable and useful proteins. It means changing the structure and conformation of the protein molecule to generate a desired protein to meet the requirement.
It is a branch of chemical engineering that deals with development of equipments for the manufacturing of biological products for consumption as well as for industrial usage.
This is the industrial production of finished goods which includes the process of recovery, isolation, purification and polishing of the products.
It is an upcoming field that has brought forth the invention of ultra fine particles which has a wide variety of application in medicine and electronics.

Biotechnology is advancing each day and research is been done worldwide to solve the various problems surmounting the human race. Biotechnology is like a windfall for the present day crisis and it has given mankind a novel hope for the future. It indeed has an incredible potential of taking the present day generation to the next pedestal of pioneering excellence and considering Biotechnology as a career option would definitely be a good choice!


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30th Jul 2010 (#)

I'm going to major in Biotechnology in college. This field just fascinates me and I can't wait to explore it more and more. Wonderful information up there :) thanks

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11th Dec 2010 (#)

any one can say whether biotechnology has a scope or not!

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29th Dec 2010 (#)

Hi, very interesting info. I have prepared a quiz on biotechnology. Its link is:
Lemme know viewpoint.

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