Beware of your own sweet home

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This is a list of home accidents I can think of, but you can, perhaps, add few more that I had missed out.

Beware of your own sweet home

It happened on a day like this one -November 20th 2012. I wanted to reach for saucepan on the higher shelf of a cupboard and I used the chair that I should have never had to use. All of a sudden, this chair slipped and I fell on the floor. Cries. A shock. Thanks God that my flat mate was in and she was the one to call up for an ambulance. It was very sore and I couldn't stand. I had to wait for the ambulance men to help me to stand up.
The result of such a home accident was a night in hospital, a sling for several weeks, rehabilitation, but unfortunately, on one day, when I was doing my exercises, a bone got loose and I had to be operated. Needless to say that I'm fine now, but that was shocking evening and I dumped the chair.
Why do I tell this?
It's because and statistically, our sweet homes are deadly places no matter how we love them and comfortable we keep them.
- Chairs that are way to light to climb on them. Like the one I used.
- Ladders. Don't use one if it isn't a safe one or your balance isn't very good.
- Children seem to have eyes and hands in all parts of their bodies and they seem to be attracted by colourful medicines and all sort of tools. They also love exploring in the cleaning cabinet.
- Pots and pans that are boiling or frying on the cooker. My mother always told me to keep their handles at the back.
- Hot water bottles. It's very pleasant to slip into the bed with one in cold days, but we are to make sure that it isn't too old nor the water has been at boiling point. One of them blew up inside my bed and I ended up in hospital. The most dangerous with burns is infection and it's easy to forget about them the minute this burn isn't sore. If it's been a big part, we should go to the doctor and we aren't to put anything, but cold water to cool down the burn only.
- Electrical ware. If one isn't an electrician or know a bit about electricity, one should refrain fro dealing with it.
- Microwaves. As a cook, I hate these modern items, but I always recommend them to old people with poor sight. So, they won't have to deal with matches or lighters.
These are the home accidents that I can think of, including a couple of them that I had, but any of you may, perhaps, include few more on the list.
Ah, home sweet home! How dangerous you can be!

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author avatar RondaKay
23rd Nov 2015 (#)

Many many moons ago, my friend's mother used a chair to get something out of the cupboard way up high. She fell and the fall killed her. Not sure what happened, but I was utterly shocked when I heard how she died.

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