Belly Button Blunder

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a unique birthing experience without much medical assistance

My debut into this world

Cats have seven lives, it is commonly believed.I too being a Leo ,have presumably had ten lives and am grateful to God for my miraculous escapes from the jaws of certain death, many a time in the strangest of life threatening circumstances.
I made a a dramatic entry into this world, way back in the pre-independence period of India. It was the 27th of July, 1938, in the small town of Sargodah which is now in Pakistan.My father was in the Provincial Civil Service and was serving as the Superintendent to the Commissioner. My mother, content in her domestic bliss, was expecting the arrival of her third child after two daughters. On a sunny morning when my father was away in his office dealing with ponderous files, I decided to arrive, much before the expected date, without any prior announcement.

A successful entry without a doctor's help

There was no one at home to attend to my mother except for the maid and my grandmother who was almost blind in both her eyes. It was too late to call a doctor or a nurse and those were the days much before the onset of telecommunication. The maid rose to the occasion with whatever half baked knowledge she had. She achieved the difficult task of assisting in a successful delivery and I had my first bleary eyed glimpse of this world. She placed me in a makeshift crib before she got busy running about town, proclaiming my birth to the whole world and my father shouting, "It's a boy-it's a boy!" She was obviously happy with her performance and was unaware of the catastrophe which was taking place in the crib.

Trouble strikes!

My grandmother, ecstatic with joy at the birth of her grandson, decided to feel and caress the new born baby, as she couldn't behold him with her eyes. Suddenly she screamed as her hands were full of blood. Blood was oozing out of the tummy of the little fellow.
What had happened was that the umblical cord which was severed by the maid and knotted hastily and clumsily with some thread she found in the stitching box opened and blood was gushing out with every breath the little guy was taking. My grandmother being a tough and resourceful lady in spite of her visual disabilities took up the challenge. Believe it or not the old lady held on to the navel till the doctor arrived and restored some sanity in the offbeat birthing situation.
This incident has been narrated to me by my mother who was absolutely taken aback by this situation for which she was least prepared for.My grandmother was the hero of the day who proudly proclaimed that it was the strength of her forefathers who belonged to Dehra Ismail Khan (West Pakistan), that gave her the presence of mind and gumption to deal with the situation with nerves of steel.The rest is history, as you say, and this was just the beginning of my career in escapades.


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