Being an identical twin has its moments.

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Sometimes those of us who are identical twins do not anticipate what should be expected. We can forget that what we take for granted or escapes our notice can be unexpected by others.

Newly weds

When my wife Linda and I married we rented an apartment only a few miles from her mother's home in Maryland. We grocery shopped at the same grocery store she had been to many times growing up and knew the cashiers by name.

My twin brother returns home, with his wife.

My twin brother Glenn attended college in Missouri and was still there when my wife and I wed. A year after Linda and I married my brother graduated from college and returned to Maryland. Initially, he and his wife Judy lived about 20 miles from us. This allowed Glenn and I the time together as when we were growing up. It also allowed Linda and Judy to become acquainted.

The downstairs of a two-story house near Linda and I became available for rent. Glenn and his wife moved and were now only about two miles away. We would now be able to spend more time together. My wife and I told them how to get to the stores where we bought our groceries, and which restaurants to go to for the best meals.

The angry cashier.

One evening shortly after Glenn and Judy moved to our area, I went to the store to get food needed for the week. Mary, one of the cashiers I had met there at the market, did not greet me as I placed my groceries on the checkout table. The expression on her face was one of contempt. Though I greeted her, I got no reply. My change from the purchase was almost thrown at me rather than placed in my hand.

I told Linda about the incident, but she found it hard to believe. Later in the week, as she went to the Market, Mary asked her how things were with an urgency never before presented. Mary was assured that everything was fine, but her expression belied her lack of belief in the reply.

Introductions all around.

About a month later Linda and I, and Glenn and Judy got together for an evening of Scrabble. As the evening wore on we decided we wanted some ice cream. The Market was not two miles away, so we all piled into a car and headed there. As we entered the store the two women behind the registers looked at as us and froze. Glenn and I stood with our wives in response to the sudden silence.

Suddenly we were greeted with smiles. Introductions were made all around, and Mary expressed her appreciation in meeting Glenn and Judy, learning they had moved into the area only a few months earlier. I suspect Mary was also relieved that the sweet girl who had grown up in her presence was not married to a man who would be blatantly seen with other women.


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author avatar Glenn Addington
18th Jan 2018 (#)

I remember it well!! My own experience was quite similar. I had gone in alone and been greatly well, and told Judy how nice the ladies there were. When we both went in together, the ladies seemed quite hateful,

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