Being a Stay at Home Mom Who Works from Home

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This article discusses life as a stay at home mom who also works from home.

Is it Possible?

I have been working from home for several months now and as a mother of three and step mother of four I have begun to question if it is possible to sustain our standard of living while I stay home with our children. Working from home is no easy task and caring for seven children while my husband is at work is just as difficult. School is out which makes things even harder on me. I decided to work from home simply because it is impossible for me to work outside of the home and pay for childcare for seven children. I would actually lose money if I tried this.

So I sat up my office in the foyer of our five bedroom home and began working from home. I will admit there are days where it really takes everything I have in order to get everything done. You see I am very old fashioned, at the age of 31 I feel like I would have been a better fit if I had lived in the 1950's. I feel like it is my job to keep the house clean, to keep the laundry done, to ensure dinner is cooked when my husband returns from working a 12 hour shirt. On top of all of this, I want to help him pay the bills by earning money. Sometimes it does seem like I have taken on too much but I will show you exactly how I do what I do.

To start my day, I must have my cup of coffee. It is a small luxury I do allow myself. Having a large family means I don't get many of those luxuries anymore but this one is not going away. I then head to my "office", check my email to see if I have any messages from my clients. After all the emails are answered I bid on jobs on the freelance job sites I use which takes about an hour. I do this because I have to ensure that no matter what I always have enough work to earn the 400 dollars per week that I must earn.

After I have bid on all the jobs I am qualified to do or that I am interested in doing, I begin working on whatever project is required for that day. Currently I am writing a series of eBooks for a client which means I must write one to two chapters per day in order to reach my goal of 400 dollars per week. After I complete all the projects for the day it is time to sit down and begin writing articles. I write articles for several websites and for clients. I usually have to write between 6-10 articles per day which will bring in around 60 dollars each day.

Once the articles are written and all of my jobs are completed for the day it is time to start the house work. This usually begins with cleaning the entire house, doing laundry and putting it away, and then doing any outside work that needs done such as cleaning the yard, weed eating, mowing, or simply taking care of the dogs. By the time I am done with all of this it is time to start dinner so it is ready when my husband comes home. He is very hungry when he gets home and it makes me feel good to be able to feed him as soon as he is ready.

I feed the children, bathe them, and clean up the house from dinner. The children do the dishes while I shower, and by this time they are ready to relax and spend some time together. My day begins at 6 AM and ends at 11 PM or later. Working from home when you have children is not something everyone can do but if you are determined, focused, and willing to do what it takes, you can make it work.


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