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Feng Shui tips for bedroom are easy but they can change the quality of your rest, harmonize your relationships and make your life happier. Find out if everything is good in your bedroom according to simple but very helpful bedroom fengshui layouts.

Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom

Feng shui is an ancient science that helps people to improve atmosphere at home or at office, and let life energy flow naturally. It works regardless whether you believe it or not. Today more and more people are interested in feng shui because with some simple changes in your environment you can really make your life joyful.

We spend a significant part of our life in bedroom and it is very important for every person to have a good rest. If you wake up every morning good rested and cheery everything might be Ok with feng shui in your bedroom. But if you are tired or sad in the morning probably there is something wrong in your bedroom and you have to change something to make your environment better. Below you can find simple practical feng shui tips for bedroom which really works.

Bed Location - Good and Bed feng shui positions

As you can guess bed is the most important element in the bedroom and its location can not only influence to your health and spirit but your relationships and wealth as well.

Below you can find feng shui bedroom layouts. What is good and what is bad?

The bed must have a wall behind it

Best of all if this is solid external wall of the house. If you cannot implement this you can try to correct it with strong headboar.

There should not be windon back to your head

Chi (life energy) flows from the door to the window and the bed should not be located on its road. Othewise you will wake up weary and exhausted

You must see the door lying in the bed

This is also correct for any room - you must see the entrance. This gives a feeling of safely and comfort.

You should not see your reflection in the mirror

Mirrors are not very good for bedroom. And this is especially bad if you can see your reflection in the bed. This can destroy your relationships. If you cannot remove mirror from the room use a piece of fabric to hide it for a night.

The foot of your bad should not be located in front of the door

This is reallyt important because such bed location can even cause ilnesses and depletion.

Also remember that chi (enegry) can flow without let or hindrance around your bed.

Pictures in Your Bedroom

If you desire strong and happy relationships you need to remove any images with singles from your bedroom. Also avoid destroying and unpleasant pictures.

Water is another taboo for a bedroom. Water symbolizes money and it is perfect for others places of your home but not in bedroom. Any kind of water in bedroom can cause relationship or financial fails.

Place something that makes you happy, inspired and pleased. An image of your goal is great for a bedroom. You can see it first in the morning and last thing in the evening.

Remove any clutter from your bedroom

This tip is true for any place at your home of office. Clutter prevent free chi flow and this is destroying for you.

Avoid electronics, TV, Computers in your bedroom and bright lightening

Bedroom is a place for a rest and any kind of electronic gadgets is an obsticle for a good rest.

I hope these simple tips will help you to improve an atmosphere in your bedroom. Please comment and let me know if you know others usefull feng shui tips for bedroom.

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