Be Strong

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This is about facing problems, stop running from problems. Problems will be solve if people learn to survive from it.

Be strong

If you have problems, don't run from it, because time will come you have no choice, you need to face it. A person life is not complete without problems, what i mean is, it is part of our life, it is part of life. People have different kind of problems from one another and there are different stages of problems. First are simple, minor stage and the complex stage.

Even kids can have some problems, regarding to their playmates and some other things. Everyone has problems but many of us can handle easily does problems. Some of us give up on some problems. What we need to realize is that there are other people who are facing difficult problems more than us, for example you are having problems with money and you want to give up on life, other people has a problem to their health condition, some condition that cannot cured. So there are times that we need to think that we are lucky to have some kind of problems that can be solved at the right time.

Problems is a challenge that people need to face, always remember that running from it will never help, problem will still be there, it’s never gone until we learn and get ready to face it. Always remember that, no matter how hard your life is, time will come, everything will be okay. What's happening to us, it's always has a purpose. We need to keep holding on and never give up.

When there is a problem, there will always be a solution for it. We, people don't need to lose hope. We are not alone. We need to think positive; we always need to look to the bright side in life. Problems are not permanent, it is just for a short time until we learn to fight and survive from it.

In life, we need to be strong no matter how hard our situation is. We need to wait for the right time. I know many people out there are facing some problems in life, something that is really worst, and something that challenge us. I also have problems like you, i always set my mind that it's going to be okay, and I will be okay. I hope all of you will be strong, and will never lose hope.

We, people has the ability to face and solve problems in life, God gave us the ability to pass those problems. Always remember that He will never give us problems or challenges that we can't handle.

Be strong, everything will be fine. Everything that happened to us has its purpose, a better one, a brighter one. Have faith in Him, have faith in yourself.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Sep 2013 (#)

Dont run face them! Theres a solution for everything not dead! Very inspired piece of work!

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author avatar ladyfoxxy
28th Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you for your nice words.

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