Baby likes to pull hair any person holding, know why?

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there is some behavior that is slightly distorted and infants can be reduced by practicing good habits.

The Infant Behavior digress


Baby I began tugging anyone hold her hair. I do not know how to stop this habit. I've tried to make her laugh so distracted. After that, he repeats it again. What is the solution?.


What they did in fact include normal, yet somewhat disturbing or unpleasant. Toddlers bite and was happy to take something to communicate about what he did and did not want to do.

Also, this is a way to find out how the people affected by his behavior. And, the hair tugging certainly immediately got the attention of others! Even so, this does not mean your child has lapses, such as being aggressive. He only did it try to find out the Which behavior is and is not acceptable. So, depending on how you teach him this distinction.

For any unpleasant habits, you have to divert his attention and give him another activity. As soon as you see her tiny hands started grabbing someone's hair, distract him by calling his name, and then quickly engage her to do something more acceptable, like playing peekaboo or hold a toy.

You can also teach some interesting alternative to the hair to get a more positive reaction. For example, withdrew his hand and showed how patting someone's head, stroking his chin, or hug the person. Tell him, "No, honey. We're not pulling at hair, but we hugged and patted. "

And, if you know the situations that typically trigger the habit (generally, tired, hungry, and frustrated!), You have the opportunity to prevent this from happening

Children aged 13 months is still too young to really understand that hair pulling someone would hurt that person. That's why there is no point you pull her hair and hope he understands what it is like for others. Can she learn is the behavior that will get a response that sweet sweet too.

Not so with the unpleasant behavior. Also, children are still too small to be 'punished'. He came to understand the relationship between the exciting things that are not supposed to do and you keep them out of him. After several months, the baby discipline lessons focus on what you can and can not be achieved.

Put your hands on the "yes, be held" and away from "do not touch." Along with its growth, add another amount of vocabulary so that he could express his frustrations. Gradually, this will be reduced aggressive behavior by itself,


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