Baby On The Way: Making More Space At Home

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When you've got your first baby on the way you will need as much space at home as possible for everything you need to care for baby properly and to make sure you stay calm and stress-free.

You can never quite prepare for all the extra room a baby will need - they are very small but they come with a lot of stuff! Toys, equipment, changing units, cots, pushchairs - your home will soon be completely baby oriented. It is really exciting but it does pay to prepare in advance.

Keep Your Decorations Simple

Congratulations! You've got your first baby on the way! Now come the months of preparation for the new arrival including creating the space at home to accommodate an extra person.

Here are some tips to help you utilise your space at home when you've got a baby on the way:

When you go hell for leather on a theme, it can be really tempting to fill the nursery with even more items than before, to 'tie the theme together'. To avoid this, consider opting for a neutral theme which will make the room appear much bigger and stop you adding extras you don't need.

Make Now The Time To Declutter

Now is the time to declutter and get rid of all the items you never use but always thought you might need. Used them in the last year? If the answer is no - get rid. There are just a few basic steps to decluttering successfully:

1. Tackle the external spaces first – attic, garage, garden shed etc. This will give you more space to store those things you do want to keep but don't have room for in the main living space.
2. Clothes and Shoes – you know you don't really need them all (enough said)
3. Kitchen – all those chipped plates, storage boxes with no lids, sauce-pans with broken handles. And that's just the start…
4. Children's toys and books – think about whether they will keep them when you are gone. They are more likely to if you just keep a precious few.

For each area you are tackling, go through a process of putting items in piles for selling, storing, throwing and giving away. The items you don't manage to sell online or at a car boot sale - take them straight to the charity shop before taking them back home. The items you want to store but just don't have room for - pack away and get them into a cheap self storage unit; once you have lived without them at home for a while you will truly realise you don't need them.

Use Every Inch Of Space

Try to see every single inch of space as an option for storage. There are ingenious storage options out there from raised fruit crates to elastic strip clothes holders attached to the ceiling - no space can escape from being a potential storage option. Just make sure if you're doing it yourself that everything is secure and doesn't present any risks to yourself or your baby.

Multi-Use Furniture

Opt for furniture that has several uses to save on space. You'd be surprised at what just one unit can be capable of - retailers know new parents value space and practicality but they also like to tempt you into buying furniture that is specifically for baby that you don't really need. Multi-use furniture pieces will save masses of space and make it easier for you to do several jobs at a time (something you'll be doing a lot of soon enough!). It's also worth looking at foldaway furniture and toy options as well as cleverly disguised storage, like a toy trunk that double as a coffee table once your little treasure is safely tucked up in bed and you can relax.

Upcycle Old Furniture

Do you have any old furniture in your garage or loft that could be useful? If you have a tired old chair, ugly table or any other furniture that has seen better days - consider upcycling it. There are so many tutorials online on how to do it, you could surprise yourself with your creativity and make something really unique for your little one – again on the safety side make sure you use products that won't be harmful to the baby.

Remember, keep an open mind, be creative and enjoy yourself - you've got an amazing reason for these home improvements!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Jul 2015 (#)

I am not good at decluttering etc. I admire those who know what they don't need and willing to dispose them off.

What better time than the arrival of the precious one to get our house in spick-and-span condition! Thanks for this lovely article, annap - siva

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author avatar annap
30th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks Siva,
Decluttering is really hard for many people but it is all worth it in the end. I think it's a habit that you have to get into and it certainly makes for a calmer life.

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