Attract Woman with Your Conversation

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Read this short article to find out how anyone can attract women only with his communication. You just don't have to miss this.

Top 5 tips for Attracting Women.

If you want to attract a woman and want to impress her you need to have proper communication with the woman. You have to converse in such a way that you create a chemistry with her and she automatically gets impress. So I would give you short and simple tips so that you can had good conversation with woman. So here is quick 5 tips:

1. Enjoy your Conversation

If you have to make your conversation more enjoyable, you need to talk the topic which woman like and can gladly enjoy. You need to focus on the woman. Ask her hobbies, what food she like, her view towards life and other thing which she would get involve. Don't Bragg about yourself because it would led the lady turn off and she would not like further to talk to you.

2. Joke and Flirt.

To make your conversation more exciting and engaging you should add flavors of joke in your recipe of conversation. Flirting also help in making a good chemistry. Don't make your conversation too serious and keep the environment lite and easy. Don't think too much when you joke. Just joke according to the situation. In this way you make woman laugh which will help you to maintain good chemistry.

3. Think Less.

Many of us find that during conversation with woman we usually have pause or lag in our conversation which makes the whole conversation dull and sometimes it ruins. So you have to be spontaneous and act according to the situation. Don't think too much and just go with the flow.

4. Keep cool head.

Don't feel nervous when you talk to the girl. This will have bad impression on the woman. So if you are nervous think that the girl will also be nervous. But if she is talking to you nicely and without any hesitation then why you can't. If you are still nervous then take a deep breath and think that you are having conversation with your sister or lady friend. Keep your head cool and this will work in your favor.

5. Know common interest.

If you have common interest it will work in your favor and it is easy to talk on that topic. Suppose you like cooking and she too, then you can start your conversation from that and it will give a good flow. As a result you will have a good chemistry with her. You will not get bored and can enjoy each other's company.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Nov 2012 (#)

I know if a man tries that with me I will be putting them on the next trolley out as I am okay with clean healthy platonic conversation and anything more than that is met with utmost caution with the ultimate reprimand Stay Away from Me.
If you want to attract me:
1) Talk sense
2) Has to be educative and meaningful
3) Has to have personal experiences
4) Show the pros and cons
5) Be honest and candid
6) Flattery never works
7) Don't try to change me
8) Give me My Space
9) Get the hint when I drop it the first time or two and three times after that, if you don't its too Bad Hollywood as I leave the lot of you jumping like you should for not listening.
10) Give undivided attention and calm the fears.

In my entire lifetime only one was able to do that with me but he has passed on now.

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