Are you not ready to give your 13-year-old an adult tablet? Here is what you can do

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Does your 13-year-old feel like a baby playing the games of their child's tablet and are begging you for an adult tablet? Are you not ready to give your child an adult one? If so then you should look at the new kids tablets for older children!

What's great about new children's tablets ?

There are some things good about new kids tablets. Their chips are faster than in ones from a few years ago. These new tablets aren't bulky but are rather stylish thin ones. And they are letting more tablets do things for the older kid whose parents don't want them to have an adult tablet yet. They won't feel left out because they can do a few things that mom and dad's tablet does but they won't run into any safety problems. These tablets are also educational.

Older children tablets marketed to find them childish

Technological companies today (2015-2016) fancier because they are facing competition from kids getting an adult tablet or using moms.

The tablet companies for kids were making them for up to Junior high or middle schools. But the older junior high started to think they were too childish. The technological companies found out mostly preschoolers and kindergarten children have parents who buy them these. That means that they miss out on a lot of business from the older kids,

Catering to young kids to make parents happy

Now tech companies paying more attention to both preschoolers and kindergarteners and older kids. First how they cater to young children.

For the preschoolers, they are making them durable for little hands holding them and will usually last dropping them if it is an especially young child using it. They also make games and apps so fun that some children won't realize they are learning to read or do mathematics

Getting back older children's business

Now that the companies want to get back the business of the parents of older children to buy their products that the older kids think are too young for them. They will still be educational but make them look like mom's tablet. But they are little on the high price. Their average price for them being over $100.

For example Leap Pad with is for little kids, in 2015, there was a first Leapfrog tablet for older children that has android on it for sale. They never had one of these androids before in this company for children's products

Another example is that Kurio has windows ten and the entire Microsoft package. So it is like a tablet buy can also be a laptop in that the child can do their homework on it and save it

Leap Frog updates for older children

Leap Frog's Vice President for Product Marketing. Monica Brown said their goal was to "create something that was kind of sleep and more tech-forward for kids who were looking for something that feels like their parents tablet."

But while kids want a tablet like their parents', the parents worry they might get into trouble and get into things they should not be exposed. SO the companies making the children's tablets a little older material children don't feel like they are being babied by giving a 12-year-old at tablet that teaches the how to add

Leap Frog Epic a child's tablet that's like an adult tablet

Leap Frog Epic is making the parents and children satisfied. In appearance, it looks like the parents tablets. IT has a green bumper, but it can be removed if the child can be trusted to hold it and use it without dropping it.

The Leap Frog Epic is much faster than the Leap Pad.

It has some versions of "Fruit Ninja" and "Doodle Jump" .

Leap Frog Epic can get the internet but unless the parents change it the child only gets gets 10,000 internet sites that are guaranteed to be friendly for children

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