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Christmas is fast approaching. As we shop this holiday season at department stores and search out the latest mod fashions, what gifts do you intend to give to your loved ones?

What gifts were offered to the Child Jesus?

Gold, myrrh and frankincense were offered to the Child Jesus as He lay in the manger in Bethlehem. The Wise Men brought these gifts, but well-intentioned though they were --- what does a baby need for gold, incense and aromatic or sweet smelling perfume?

Most people during Christmas season are very busy choosing gifts for their loved ones. Well-off parents buy the dearest toys and get-ups for their children. Others buy those what they think is good enough. Material gifts last for hours, days, months and maybe for years. The question is, “Are these the things we really like?” More importantly, “Are these the things we really need?”

It is important for everyone of us to ponder on the thought of giving gifts that truly last. And with that,I would like to offer the following suggestions

The gift of positive messages

Give your loved ones the gift of positive messages, words that affirm their being and their doings. "It's nice when you're around..." "I care about you..." "You're wonderful." Sincere and specific praise make room for them to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

The gift of trust

Give them the fit of trust by reminding them that we are in God's hands and that God is the One who never forgets, nor abandons us.

The gift of understanding

Give them the gift of understanding. All of us fail and commit mistakes. Let us acknowledge that every person has strengths and weaknesses.

The gift of time

Give them the gift of time, time together as a family in moments of pain and need, time shared in joys and laughter.

The gift of nature

In this artificial, instant-cooking, high-tech culture, our loved ones need to rediscover what God has made: mysterious darkness in which we find rest, the fragrant flowers that fill our nostrils with heavy perfume, the warmth and brilliance of the sun, the falling rain that lull us to sleep and everything around us which speaks of God's love.

The gift of sharing

Share your thoughts, time and talents; your riches; and even your life. It is in giving that we receive and in dying that we are born to eternal life.

The gift of truth

Give them the gift of truth. Be open, be honest. Do not conceal what is to be known to others. The truth will set us free.

The gift of acceptance

Give them the gift of acceptance. Accepting God's will, faith, fate, sickness, pains and trials --- it makes us strong and better persons after each passing day.

The gift of laughter

Give them the gift of laughter. There are only two things that need to be taken seriously --- perhaps love and death. Find the fun in foolishness, the humor in embarrassment, giggling in the clever antics of a child. You will see, life is joyful!

The gift of warmth and physical affection

Give them the gift of love and physical affection. Touching, holding, kissing, hugging, smiling --- all these tell them in effective and powerful way that they are loved.

The gift of living

Give the unborn child the gift of living and spare him the right to live. Remember that unborn children are people too. It is also a good thing to know that there are no such unwanted children, only unexpected ones.

The gift of belongingness

Give others the gift of belongingness. It always feels good to "in" with the crowd, regardless of whether one belongs to the poor or to the elite ones.

The gift of consideration and compassion

Give everyone, especially the paupers and the needy, the gift of consideration and compassion. Being considerate and merciful bring peace inner peace and warm the hearts.

The gift of love

Give the gift of love. After all, this is what Christmas had made us to understand because the essence of the birth of Jesus Christ is nothing else greater than love.

May everyone of us know in the special way the gifts of Jesus is in our midst.

All these and more are the gifts that truly last.

Reference: Columbia (Official Magazine of the Knights of Columbus, December 1992 Issue)


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