Are you allowed to be yourself?

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Most readers request for a write up on couple relationships and how one must hold sway in the first half,while other reacts in the second half of the relationship.

Busy Honey!

In the current era everybody is busy and has something to do .So in these hectic schedules of giddy high's and low's ,one tends to forget that it is not people one need to focus on controlling,but circumstances and situations.Not getting home on time saying you are busy can make your hubby or spouse uneasy.All stories one heard about irrational attitudes,misunderstandings loom large in the imagination and land us in the fear of being featured in negative prototype.

Partnership-very important

What tends to happen in situations where one gives away to another's desire to dominate and overshadow is that you kill your own self bit by bit.This lasts all through the years that make a home and have children together.It lasts through the growing years of the children.And then one day,around mid-life,it suddenly strikes you that the clock is ticking and you haven't really achieved even one-tenth of what you would really like to achieve in this life.Panic sets in and you realize that over the years you have handed yourself over other's bullish tactics and forgotten yourself,your dreams and desires somewhere along the way.I silent revolt kicks in and you become frustrated and rebellious.As it manifests itself in outward behavior,it obviously affects your intimate relationships first.

Understanding and a good sex life is the mantra

Adjsutments within a relatiuonship can never be formed by controlling and breaking the spirit of the one as the other prevails.The best kind of marriages and relationships are those that allow you to be yourself.And along with understanding one needs to have healthy sex life with his or her partner to keep the spark in their relationship alive.A few adjustments for each other are fine but relationship that demands huge sacrifices or expects you to be somebody against your natural instincts,cannot last a lifetime in happiness!


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author avatar THARA RAJEEV
26th Jun 2011 (#)

useful share,,,Thanku geeta

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
26th Jun 2011 (#)

my pleasure thara

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author avatar Prasul Surendran
27th Jun 2011 (#)

Very good share and well written

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
27th Jun 2011 (#)

thank you very much prasul

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