Are they your real friends

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This is about real and true friends. Finding friends in school.

Are they your real friends

How to know if your classmates like you? What we need to do to make some friends? Can we trust those people in our school, or our classmates? Do you feel you’re alone? Are you one of those who don't have a true friends, to make bond with or go anywhere with them? Are you out of the group? Or you are just a victim of others that's why they don't like your name, image or the exact you?

There are some people that can't fit with others, especially in school. This is normally happened with kids and teenagers. Sometimes, we don't know the reasons for it; sometimes we are not the real reason for it. The hardest thing is when someone keep on destroying your name to others, what i mean is exactly you, people are easy to believe those bad things. But when you are doing good things, people keep on questioning it. They hard to accept it, what others want is making others feel alone and out of place.

That is the not so good thing to do, but despite of all of this, times will come that at least one people in the near future will accept you, no matter what you are, no matter who you are and no matter what others saying about you. So be the real you, be true to others even no one believe you, the most important thing is that at least you know who is saying the truth, you know it on yourself.

We can't control other people, on how they treated us, how they looked at us. But we can prove them that they are wrong about us. It is they lost, not ours. So keep in mind that we have our family who are true to us, who accept us. Soon we can find friends who will never put us in difficult times. Who will help us solved our problems and who will never let us alone.

It doesn't matter if how many friends you have, the more important thing is that at least you have real one who you can call "my true friend". Do not give your trust if they don't deserve it. Be careful on everything that you are going to do. Be careful on who you are talking about because we don't know who is real to us. Be true to yourself as much as possible.

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