Are You in an Abusive Relationship

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Abuses most of the time are directed against women. Studies show that there is no way of knowing the actual statistics of abusive relationship since only small percentage come into the open. Psychiatrist revealed that women who stay in an abusive relationship for long time suffer from depression, stress and anxiety attacks.

Love and Abuse

It is very important to distinguish between true love and respect, and abuse on the other hand. True love is always accompanied by respect. A love that is accompanied by abuse has no respect.

Studies show that an abuse is anything that controls or subjugate another human being. Abuses most of the time are directed against women of all classes and they come in all forms: verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse. We hear about them on a daily basis; over the television news and talk shows, radio airwaves, magazines and newspapers.
According to a researcher, our police station handle many of them on a regular basis; girls both young and old beings sexually molested and husband mauling their wives.
Then there are men who, under the influence of alcohol and prohibited drugs, run and terrorize their wives and children with deadly weapons, some going as far as holding them hostage.

Studies show that there is no way of knowing the actual statistics of abusive relationship since only a small percentage of them are actually being reported. These reported cases come mostly from people in the income group of the society because these people have nothing to lose but everything to gain whenever they come out in the open to report their abusive spouses or live-in partners. Furthermore, most abusive cases among people on the upper income bracket go unreported for fear that coming out in the open will bring out the dark secret of the family into the public.

Women in an abusive relationship

It takes a long time for a woman in an abusive relationship to realize that she's on the wrong course of love. Usually, she keeps the abuse secret, believing things will change for the better says a guidance counselor. The man always take advantage of the situation. The woman further believes everything that the man accused her of. Psychiatrist revealed that woman who stay in an abusive relationship for a long time suffer from depression, stress and anxiety attacks. However, in many cases some women do fight off abuse and in the end regain their self-respect and freedom noted a great writer.

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author avatar Humza
22nd Sep 2011 (#)

sad but true jessie!

Yet another dark and horrible aspect of human beings and specifically men and very wrenching though!

Ur right most of the abuses inflicted to those women who belong to lower income group cant come out in public bcoz unfortunately their so called husbands are their only support so they deem it a blessing that atleast they have a home to live so what if they live their like an animal plus the parents of the lady are also not at all welcoming mostly becoz they further cannot afford their daughter and her children i their house and mostly of bcoz of shame it wud bring to the family and here in my country its a norm that the lady wud die of abuses but will never leave her house to avoid shame by the idiot ppl!!

thnx alot for sharing, great write :)

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