Are Females More Trust worthy Than Males?

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Interesting debate on trusting female or male is not finding any concrete answer as there are plenty of opinions on both sides.There have been multiple surveys taken on these issues which also resulted in multiple results favoring both sides

Trusting Male or Female?

This is a million dollar question and there might be million opinions also. Recently some magazine had taken a survey on this and it show's that females are more trustworthy than males and in my opinion also this is correct. This doesn't mean that males are not trustworthy and also this doesn't mean that all females are trustworthy. This actually means more percentage of females are trustworthy according to some survey which is agreed by some people like me and also disagreed by others. If you take this topic and discuss with friends around also there might be opinions of different kinds. Most of the males will have ego problems which does not let them reveal their negative points at all.

Female Friends Tend to Keep Secrets

The most interesting thing here is unmarried women are of the opinion that males are more trustworthy while married women are feeling the opposite here. This might be an interesting debate if conducted openly with many people participating in it. I too have many friends in my list and most of the male friends in my list are only for the time being as they will not be there with me during problems and not only that some of the secrets of my life shared with them which was promised to be kept a secret and never to be revealed was revealed. This is very bad as those people whom i considered close friends have not kept their promise at all. But some of the female friends in my list are more trust able as i found out later on.So, i am more comfortable with female friends than male friends in sharing my life secrets.

Plenty of Opinions !

When it comes to married men, most of the males are of the opinion that women are more trustworthy and unmarried men find females cunning and cannot be trusted at all. So, it is all confusing here with difference of opinions among married men and women. Teenage opinions may not be correct s the probability of having experienced life is less compared to married one's who have experienced a lot . This is same like senior players and junior players in sports. So, may be in my opinion these survey's can be taken only with married people to come to the correct conclusion here as young unmarried students may not be of correct opinion. It is only my view here as you people will have different views on these issues for sure


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