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Death can affect us all but what if we had the chance to say goodbye or to have another moment with our loved ones.

One last moment

If you could have one more chance to say goodbye to a loved one what would you say? Would you talk about good times you have both had together? Talk about how much you love them? or just sit in silence knowing it says a thousand words?

Many people have been affected by death in one way or another. Very few are lucky enough not to have had to deal with the passing of a loved one yet. It is a hard time for a family but it can also lead to a family growing closer together.

People tend to talk about regrets in their lives. If a person was to die suddenly many loved ones would have a regret about what the last thing they had a conversation about was, or the last time they spent quality time together.

What I've always wondered is; what if the death is not a shock? What if it has been on the cards for some time and the family has had time to come to terms with their loss? Is it still such a huge shock to the system?

Of course it is. Death is a horrible loss regardless of the planning and the organising. I've recently been on the outside looking in on a family losing an older member and even that was hard for me. Death triggers memories in all of us and this one was a little to close to home for me. It was such a shame to see two young girls sitting in their living room, completely out the loop of what was going on. They were in limbo; their imaginations taking the better of them.

I asked them both what they would do if they had once more chance to spend some quality time with their Gran and they both said they wouldn't change anything. They had been prepared for the last few months that her death was looming and they made this affect every encounter they had with her since her illness was discovered.They had no regrets about their last memories of their grandparent. Maybe we should do this with all our relationships in life. Make the most of them. We never know when something might be taken away from us.


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author avatar James R. Coffey
14th Oct 2010 (#)

Interesting insight.

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author avatar Denise O
14th Oct 2010 (#)

Well said.
I just lost my mama
back in 2009, I was there by her side when she took her last breath.
I would not have changed a thing.
The tears still come at times but, now they are through a smile, as I sit and a image pops up of some thing, my mama said or did and it brings me so much happiness.
I have no regrets and that is the key to it all.
I was a good daughter to my mama all my life and I was there in the end,
when she needed me the most.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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