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Finally, get over it, it was all very warm, calm as I hoped.


In Sofia we baptized at the church cemetery of my grandparents' village on a hill with lots of greenery, with a very nice young priest. It was a pleasant moment, quietly, I complained about how everything seemed normal. It was just us, our parents, grandparents and godparents. I listened to all the service with pleasure, Sofia was calm and we smiled, cried less dressed, then slept taken after Holy Communion wine (which I find stupid, that if we all agree that it is a symbol, which is a must to give newborn to drink wine with honey from a spoon that lick thousands?) Finally, get over it, it was all very warm, calm as I hoped.

With Ivan we could not move in Moldova, so I stayed with the baptism here and we called parents visit. Unfortunately, I have not had as much luck with the church. We chose two reasons: to be close and not practical sinking child, it seems a barbaric act that simply did not want to subject my baby. We are not religious at all (man is an atheist, I believe in God but do not believe in the church, I had many bad experiences with their representatives and if I have a choice, avoid interaction with their saints). However I decided to baptize children to have family discussions, our parents were religious people and God-fearing, as they say.

Ivan's baptism in the church was a disappointing experience. Ever since I booked the date for baptism, about two months before, parish priest in May that he put his hand in my wallet to rummage around there to make sure that I gave everything I had in me. The faces that I had to go to donate some change agenda church. I was in my 250 lei, said it was all right, although we'll have to give the day of baptism yet-so. I came, because I was ashamed to negotiate with the priest. On the day of baptism, were three priests in the church. All absentee, Lala job with maximum disinterest, they started to argue with us altar why I checked the water (steam coming out of it and no matter how holy it was, if it was too hot, I say that burning child and can not let that happen so), were also confused several times, the child screamed as the mouth of a snake half the time, and finally it happened and a ţigăneală money. After giving godfather another 250 lei, as scheduled, the pastor told him that, for the Fathers anything? And the holy choir (two good guys all have something in their law Lala)? And the woman at cleaning anything? And just as I could not get into the ground nerves and ashamed of God. Finally, they paid godparents, ultra nervous came, we saw ours. Anyway, great disappointment, we have broken all day and not ever calc there. The church is Mavrogheni, beside the Peasant Museum.

We made some pictures and went to the Garden Icon at Gargantua, where we ate and stayed awhile stories. I had a photographer, Entertainment noise. We were the same people, minus my grandparents who could not come this far, plus my girlfriend with her daughter, girlfriend Sofia. The girls were playing in the park, we drank a glass of prosecco, we quietly and tried to forget the disappointment of the church (no, it did not work, I'm still angry).

The cake was, as usual, perfect. It is made of Grace Couture Cakes, sweets like all the important events in our lives. Simple, about Ivan, our galupcikul (pigeon Ukrainian). Inside carrot crust and berries cream, light, not too sweet, and Sofia received loud and enjoyed it!


Two small candles and table arrangements were made by Silvia of The Green Pot, that dear girl, though unannounced born four days before baptism, not left and we made arrangements (although prayed to abandon, she persisted), thank, were beautiful.


And the restaurant was all good, very fast and pleasant service, good food. Initially we wanted to do at Chez Marie Garden, I have made advance reservation a month before, only what you see, five days before the baptism I announced that we can actually get it was a mess and that no place, that they have a larger group that filed a larger advance. Yeah. Tracing not ever there, although I was loyal customer and I left a lot of money in the past two years. I hope I can recover the advance of 200 lei.

November 4th we had special clothes, and I've had them with poppies Sofia and assorted skirts (you can see them in my pictures), Ivan wore a purple vest and tie with poppies man, I really wanted to be like a team . Obviously, in the whirlpool of events, I did not get any pictures we do all four. They all wear shirts and skirts, I and Sofia, they go separately, to jeans or leggings, and am very beautiful. We made them Iza clothes and colors, her page here.

And that was it. Glad I got out well, Ivan did not get sick, we reviewed the family, but I have left a bitter taste. I hope to not have to set foot in church too soon. God knows why, was also present.


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