An umbilical cord and parenthood

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When their children are grown ups, some parents cut this invisible umbilical cord, because they feel they don't need them and they also want to enjoy a life of their own. Are they selfish for doing so?

An umbilical cord and parenthood

The doctor cuts it at the time of birth. It is the moment when a child gets free from its mother. It is the moment when after being smacked slightly, the child cries out.
This is the beginning of a life.
However, there's an invisible cord that some parents cut definitely at some stage in their lives.
It happens when some parents see their children as grown ups.
These parents have most probably passed through countless hardships to bring them up. They've fed them up. They've provided with a decent home. They've taken to school and they've made sure that their children had an education so they can have a chance to fight for their own lives.
Done all of this, some parents feel that their job to raise them up has ended. It is at this stage when they cut this invisible umbilical cord. The once child isn't one anymore. He or she is a healthy adult with an education to his or her name and well able to start walking on the path of life alone.
Parents will be glad when they achieve on something they have been striving for. They'll be glad when they marry and they have children. They'll be glad when they buy their first home, but, above all, these parents will be glad that their children don't have to rely on them anymore.
Are these parents being selfish, wanting to live a life of their own after having spent years devoted to their children?
I think they are not. It's only fair that after having spent years to bring up their children, they thought that it's time to have a life of their own free from worries.
It's only fair that these parents cut this invisible umbilical cord to enjoy what it's left of their life span.
These parents may have friends and they may like to spend time with them. They may wish to travel or to do things that they always wanted to do, but they couldn't when they were younger, because they had family responsibilities.
However, there are people that seem to think that their parents must be there for them at all times. They don't seem to think that their parents are entitled to have a life of their own after years living for others.
If these people have children, they feel it's compulsory for their parents to keep their grandchildren when thier grown up children need it or suit them best.
If they have financial problems, they think that it's their parents to help them out. They always think that their parents are way too old and that they can live on very little. Thus, they can help them with a mortgage or to pay college fees when not paying them utility bills.
If a parents refuses to help them out when they are grown ups, they'll be branded as selfish or not loving them.
If a parent assumes the fact that he or she has to help them out on whatever the issue, he or she isn't showing how he or she loves its children and that he or she would give them everything he or she has -everything even if they need it for themselves. These type of parents are just plain stupid, putting themselves as though they were door mats in front of their grown up children.

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