An ideal world to support

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Know why I back up Amazonia Rain Forest and all these communities that live there.

An ideal world to support

I've just watched some photographs about daily living in one of the communities in the Amazonia Rain Forest and I was amazed with all of them.
On them, I've seen women cooking over a lively wood fire. Both of them seemed healthy looking and they smiled.
Children played outside on a swing or with pebbles and blades of grass.
Their houses look basic ones, but they seem to have the necessary facilities for everyday living and for what I watched, the inside in one of these houses seem comfortable enough.
One of the boys was out cutting the growing grass outside his house as this is a daily task for everyone living there, because being the climate of the Amazonia very damp, the grass grows fast by every passing day to surround their houses.
A woman boils a beverage made with yucca and women's saliva before it gets dark. They say that it's a favourite drink within the community and they offer it to welcome visitors. It has to be boiled very slowly.
However, the photograph I loved best was to see a young girl doing her school homework outside her house while the smaller children played or dozed off.
In this community of the Rain Forest within Peru, they have a school for early age children and primary education.
All the people I've watched on these pictures looked healthy and happy. What a difference from those I've seen in the so called developed world.
The best playground for children is to be playing in the open air and all the better for them if they can do in stunning surroundings where they'll most probably learn about Nature.
Anyone will think that they are backward folks that they're condemned to suffer from illnesses such as malaria, but we, in the modern and developed world, are also condemned to suffer from illnesses provoked by our lifestyle.
They may not know about the existence of the Internet and the electronic devices, but so long as they have a school to learn how to read and write, arithmetic, geography, history and other essential subjects, can have a place to live and to rest and good food to eat, they are fine. It's what many people would like to have in developed and highly industrialized countries.
I once read that the Amazonia Rain Forest is considered as the Earth lungs and that through it all of us breath. If on one day, it ends, life on the Earth would have reached to an end.
Let's support these communities and to save this huge and magnificent Rain Forest from those companies that want to dismantle these communities and to grab this land for their own profit.

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Good article

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