An almost free activity for school holidays

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This one may be good enough to keep them entertained and not hearing the phrase 'Mum, I'm bored!'

An almost free activity for school holidays

In a few weeks, it'll be Easter and and there'll be one more school holiday again. For kids, this is bliss, but for many parents can be quite a nightmarish scenario as the kids are going to stay at home all day long and not always can parents or tutors afford to take them out for entertainment.
One would be wise to think of activities that are easily planned at home or nearby in the neighbourhood and one of them would be encouraging to one's kids and their friends to organize a drama group by themselves.
There'll be a number of jobs that they'll have to think of.
1. Choosing a short play compelling enough and with action.
2. Forming a cast. They'll most probably fight for the main roles, but a parent or a tutor should tell them that the most important is having a role no matter how small it is. In a play everyone is important, including those people who are backstage.
3. Once they've got their roles assigned, they'll have to learn them and to get together to rehearse.
4. These kids that aren't to have a role to act out will have a backstage job such as lightening, make up, decoration and costume. They'll have to think of what they'll need for the play and how they're going to get it.
Since it's Spring and it's starting to be warm, a stage can be set up in the open air, say, in a patio, garden or if possible in a community street. The audience will obviously be relatives and neighbours. There may be a small charge of money and this will be a good incentive for them.
This is an activity I and my friends used to do when we were on school holidays. Our relatives were busy enough to take us out for some kind of entertainment and there wasn't much money either for cinemas and the like.
We took a short play or even a cartoon and everyone had a role that we learned in a couple of days. then, we searched for appropriate costume and lightening in everyone's home. Desk lamps worked well placed on parts of the stage. there was no problem with make up, because we used what our eldest sisters used for themselves. The stage was set up in a long corridor in the building where we lived with a curtain and all and rows of chairs for the public to come that were relatives and neighbours.
It was an activity that took us for almost the whole week and were proud to show to our audience how good we were at acting it out.

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