An Overview of The Book of Exodus

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This article is an introduction to the Biblical book of Exodus, it gives you a background of Moses and the peoples of Israel, as well as giving you a look at how God provides for his people.

The Whole Story about Exodus

As a book on the whole, the Holy Bible is a very exciting read. It literally has something special for everyone who reads it. One book in particular really stands out, Exodus (Old Testament) is one of the most exciting of the books that are in the bible. It tells a story God's provisions for his people. Many think that it is only about bringing the Nation of Israel out of bondage under Egypt. However that is not all the book is about or even the focus for that matter. While that is indeed important, the most important thing you will take from the book of Exodus is that God will provide for man.

Our story starts with a powerful King, intent on holding back the nation of Israel and keeping them in Bondage, his fear was that these people would eventually grow stronger than their captors and make war. He went out of his way to make life for the Israelite's miserable. During this time he told the midwives who helped Hebrew women have their children to kill all of the male children so that it would weaken the nation, however in this instance God provides by giving them midwives who trusted God and allowed these children to live.

Then you meet a special baby born to a Levi couple, the woman was able to hid her child for 3 months from the Pharaoh's men who wanted to kill all male children. However again God provides, the mother put her child in a boat (small ark) with his sister following behind, and he was found by the daughter of the Pharaoh who took compassion on this child. His sister suggested that she get a Hebrew woman to nurse the child, so the mother of the child not only watched her son grow but she was paid to do so. God provided for this young man to live.

Moses grows up in the home of the Pharaoh, however after seeing his countrymen (another Hebrew) being beaten, Moses killed the Egyptian and had to flee in order to keep the Pharaoh from killing him. He ended up in Midian where he met his wife Zipporah, the daughter of a priest Reuel, during this time Moses will be called to save the children of Israel. God actually has a conversation through a burning bush. However, Moses was confused as to his being chosen and unsure that he could do such a thing, however again God provides him with the words and the ability to go before the Pharaoh.

Moses and his brother Aaron went before the Pharaoh and tried to reason with him to let the people of Israel GO, and the Pharaoh said no, and made their work that much harder. Then the children of Israel complain to Moses for getting them in trouble, so Moses goes back to God. So Moses goes to the people but they won't listen, then the Lord tells Moses to Go, but Moses complains that he is not a speaker so once again God provides for his people (even if he does get a little angry with Moses in this instance), and sends Aaron along to speak for him.

So Moses and his brother Go back to the Pharaoh and whenever Moses needed to say something he spoke it to his brother who would actually say it to the Pharaoh. But the Pharaoh was not really interested in letting the people GO, so to provide for the people, God allowed Aaron and Moses to do miracles to convince the Pharaoh who continuously hardened his heart to them and their plight.

Finally after much convincing, tons of painful miracles and the Passover, the Pharaoh would finally let the people GO. However, as they headed out to leave, he changed his mind. The people were afraid, in front of them was the Red Sea and behind them was the army of the Pharaoh, and guess what, God provided for his people by giving Moses and Aaron the ability to part the Sea. The people rejoiced they would escape the Pharaoh. When the Pharaoh tried to follow them God released the waters and that was the end of that problem.

Now away from the Pharaoh and all the singing done by the women in this section, the people who were happy, were now miserable because there was nothing to drink, the water at Marah was bitter so the people could not drink it, but God told Moses to cast a certain tree into the water and the water turned sweet. Then the people complained again of being hungry so once again God provided for them by giving them Manna.

In other situations God will continue to provide for the nation of Israel, his people. God provides water from a rock and he protects them from the army of Amalek. God also helps Moses set up the very first Government of Judges to help judge the people. To help with what the people must do God would give the people the 10 Commandments to live by.

While Exodus has many other scriptures besides these, the whole book shows you how God makes provisions for man. Every problem man encountered was fixed by God. When people prayed out to him, he heard their voices in Bondage, he heard their voices in flight from Egypt, and he heard their voices in wilderness and he still hears his people, and you know what he does. God provides.


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