An Introduction to Christian Apologetics

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This article gives you a basic understanding of the terms, Christian Apologetics and what an Apologist does.

What Exactly is Apologetics

For many who have heard the word Apologetics used in Christian conversation, the thought is that it means that Christians are apologizing about something that they have done wrong in their teachings. However that is not what the term apologetics stands for, it actually means that a person is “making a defense” for the teachings that are in the Bible. For the most part the study of Christian Apologetics is the part of theological study that shows the student why Christianity is indeed a believable religion.

Over the years, Christianity as well as many of the other religions have been attacked in the media, by scientific communities and many of those who don't believe in God. The Christian faith has been the main target of such attacks. There have been many criticisms against the Church and the faith overall. From Secular books to online communities, to television programs and many different venues, the Christian religion as a whole has taken quite the beating from non-Christians.

While there has been some widespread attacks on Christianity, there is a lot of people who spend years in study of the Faith. Through Christian Apologetics, a person of faith is equipped with the tools to ensure that they are able to answer the many questions that will come their way. For the most part many Christians and believing folks are unprepared for the questions that they may receive at any given time, because they have not studied the Bible on an in-depth level. This allows non followers to make a Christian doubt their faith, Apologetics solves this particular problem by ensuring that the Christian is prepared for any questions they may be asked.

The best thing about the Christian Apologist is that they know and can pass on valuable Christian information to a new Christian or non-Christian who wants the information because they know the arguments and have already studied how to deal with these particular problems or questions. By the time the Christian Student has graduated from the Christian school, he will have a good foundation that he can build upon through further study and his aptitude in Apologetics will help him to explain the information in more detail to the non believer.

Christian Apologetics does not claim to be able to solve every single problem or doubt that a person has, but it is an exceptional tool to ensuring that the student of God's Word, or even normal everyday people get the answers to those questions that caused them to doubt Christianity as a whole. The Christian world now has dedicated men and women who spend an exceptional amount of time ensuring that the person looking for answers are getting them from professional, qualified individuals who have studied the matter extensively. Christian Apologetics is a great way to help those people who are either attacked by those who don't believe or even those who do but have doubts answer the questions they need answered about the Christian Faith.


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