Amphibians And Reptiles On Nine Acres

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Here's a list of the amphibians and reptiles who live on nine acres with us.

The Skink

At home, on nine acres we meet many interesting creatures. Most of our property is covered in trees, because we prefer to keep it wild. The Blue Tailed Skink is just one of the regular inhabitants. It has a black body with several light stripes leading to a blue tail . The skink is different from most lizards, because it's often confused for a snake of sorts due to it's short legs. Out of the corner of your eye, you might make this misinterpretation.

Anole Lizard

The Anole is one of several lizards living at home on nine acres. Here it is situated on a pcv pipe on the outside of our house. This is an older picture, but we have already started seeing them this spring. A few weeks ago, an anole was hanging out in a tree where it could be seen from our patio sitting area. It was there for a long time just feeding on insects. It didn't seem to mind having an audience, because people know not to get too close and make them nervous.

A Couple Of Neat Facts

Interesting to note, both anoles and skinks will grow their tails back if they loose them. The anole has another awesome defense mechanism. They are able to blend into their surroundings by seemingly changing color. This cool trick protects them from predators.

Reptiles On Nine Acres

We know of three kinds of lizards roaming free out here in the country where we reside. They include the gecko, anole and two types of skink. In the turtle family we've met the red eared slider, the eastern box turtle and the alligator snapper.

Snakes are plentiful too. We have come into contact with the brown snake, garder snake, green snake, speckled king snake, rat snake, ring neck snake, and the striped king snake. These breeds are all harmless although all are capable of biting. They are non venomous. However, we have spied copperheads in previous years. Everyone knows they are potentially dangerous.

Recently, due to heavy rains, Texas is seeing a lot more snakes than usual in some areas. One woman in Greenville was bitten by a copperhead and this incident required hospital attention. Yet, she still commented on the part snakes play in the environment. Snakes in general, particularly the non venomous types are good to have around. They consume a number of destructive pests on the farm and along the countryside.

Amphibians On Nine Acres

The tree frog is a good friend of ours. In the warmer months, there is almost always one by the front door hanging out under the porch light snapping up annoying insects for dinner. They live on the screen door or house. Mostly we just see them sitting there waiting for a delicious morsel to land on their path. We can't blame them. If supper was this easy we would never cook again. They're just amazing creatures for all their patience. One has to contemplate the life of a frog indeed.

On nine acres , in addition to the green tree frog, we have the gray tree frog, leopard bull frog along with several other bull frog varieties. For toads we have both the pointed nose and round nose.

Living with frogs is a lot of fun. When they hatch we notice hundreds of tiny newbies all over the place scurrying around on the lawn. Sometimes it is exciting to catch them and take them home for my husband to see. We do always let them go. It's not unusual to find a toad living in a plant container. If needed we move it to a more desirable location so we can resume our planting.


We realize we don't own these animals. They know in a sense we don't own this property. It belongs to all of us. We do everything we can to keep them safe including refraining from using harmful pesticides. After all, could this be why the bees are dying out in some places?


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th May 2015 (#)

So wonderful to have all these creatures on your land.

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author avatar Nancy Austin
30th May 2015 (#)

Yes, Mark we love animals as they are part of nature.

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author avatar Retired
31st May 2015 (#)

Walking on our southern Colorado grounds with two young grandkids, I came upon a western diamondback rattler asleep in the sun. A quiet "about face" was the command I uttered with the kids marching away in the other direction. That was the last time we ventured into our wild west "outback."

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author avatar Nancy Austin
31st May 2015 (#)

You are a good writer, LeRain. Even that comment was interesting.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jun 2015 (#)

A lovely share Nancy. You have a kind heart to accommodate our fellow travelers in their "natural habitat". Snakes can be a danger anywhere but they all have a role to play. Wherever they can find food, they exist - siva

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