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Education is the key which unlocks doors to every area imaginable. The United States this reality by setting aside time to acknowledge the art of educating, the educator and most especially those who are being educated.

American Education Week

American Education Week was established by the National Education Association and was first observed the week of December 4th-10th 1921.

The ending of World War One, found that many of the returning soldiers were illiterate. This illiteracy rendered the soldiers unemployable which further stressed the nation. The need to educate the masses had become apparent.

In response to this need, 10 educator organizations from different states gathered together and formed the National Education Association. The thought was that a united voice could speak for the needs of public education; addressing the right of all children to be educated without cost, and, to the rights of teachers to be treated fairly.

The purpose of the week-long observance is to put education in the national spotlight., to make the public aware of the needs, accomplishments and hopes of the public school system and to generate support of education from the nations citizens.

The National Education Association

The National Education Association, founders of American Education Week, was formed in 1857 in the state of Philadelphia. Their mission statement then and now is the same; "Every child deserves a quality education." The quality spoken of by the Association includes the classroom environment and the teacher support.

In 1870, they merged with three other educator organizations, The American Normal School Association, the National Association of School Superintendents, and the Central College Association.

Perhaps the most controversial of all merger of all occurred in the 1960's when the Association merged with the Black American Teachers Association. This merger added additional strength to the war against racial segregation and substandard education for people of color.

With each merger, the Association gained the ability to act as the voice for a broader spectrum of society.

A Constant Voice

The Association has prevailed as a constant voice throughout Americas segregated, controversial and difficult past. They were there to lobby against child labor, racial segregation, and women's suffrage. They also fought hard for unbiased Indian (Native American) education.

Each year, the presiding United States President issues a proclamation regarding American Education Week with an emphasis on a selected theme.

American Education Week survives because the National Education Association has remained a viable organization that stands in the gap for all students regardless of any cultural, racial, physical, mental or religious differences.

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